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Accompany Narsis Dren on a Vvardenfell grave robbing expedition.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Objective: Veloth Ancestral Tomb — Help Narsis Dren discover the secret of the Veloth Tomb.
Quest Giver: Elfbetta the Shy outside Dreloth Ancestral Tomb;
Borfree Dull-Blade outside Veloth Ancestral Tomb
Location(s): Dreloth Ancestral Tomb, Veloth Ancestral Tomb
Reward: Pauldrons of the Warrior-Poet
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Defeat Dren's "dangerous creature"
Elfbetta, personal assistant to the famed explorer Narsis Dren, informed me that the adventurer is investigating the ancestral tombs that dot the Vvardenfell landscape. They apparently uncovered an old scroll that hints at hidden treasure.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Enter Dreloth Ancestral Tomb and find Narsis Dren.
  2. Follow Narsis Dren through the tomb and defeat the monster within.
  3. Meet Narsis Dren at Veloth Ancestral Tomb on the west coast of Vvardenfell.
  4. Solve the ancestor puzzle.
  5. Delve the tomb and defeat Matriarch Rathila.
  6. Settle the matter with Narsis Dren.
  7. Speak with Elfbetta the Shy outside of the tomb.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

At a camp outside the Dreloth Ancestral Tomb, speak to Elfbetta the Shy. She'll express concern for her employer, Narsis Dren, as he has failed to return from exploring inside the tomb.

After agreeing to help look for the wayward treasure hunter, enter the tomb. Dren will assume you're his new assistant and will make remarks about a "dangerous creature". Questioning Dren will reveal he is looking to raid the tomb for all its worth, as apparently the tomb sits above two other long forgotten structures that have not been touched for centuries. But before continuing, he'll ask you to dispatch the "creature" plaguing the adjacent room. Once you've dealt with that problem, Dren will lead you through the tomb.

Enter the Ancestor Prayer Room and talk to Dren. After some consternation and doubt that he has the right tomb ("Oh, that's a V not a D"), he presses a button and disappears behind a door. Follow Dren and you'll come across a Grievous Twilight. He'll ask you to defeat the beast and meet Elfbetta outside once you're done (and promptly disappears).

Defeat the Grievous Twilight, raid the urns, and speak to Elfbetta. She'll tell you to meet Dren at the Veloth tomb on the west coast.

Once you reach the Veloth Ancestral Tomb, Elfbetta once again will ask you to look for Dren. Entering the tomb will reveal that Dren has got himself locked behind a door. He'll explain how he didn't realize it was a trap and asks you to try to unlock the door with the plates along the wall that have Daedric runes inscribed on them. He offers guidance by trying something that's "divisible by three". Looking at the wall, select the third from the left. Once you find the right panel, he'll emerge.

Continue to follow Dren and he'll eventually lead you to a room where he asks you to look for a secret entrance. Read the harp pedestal and then the book Honored Ancestors, then take the four relics from the center of the room and place the appropriate relics to the correct tombs.

Llirala = mirror
Ondre = arrow
Valyne = goblet
Elms = grain

Play the harp to reveal the hidden door and follow Dren through.

Continue to follow Dren, looting and slaying, until he once again becomes trapped behind another locked door. He'll ask you to press some more plates to release him. If you threaten to leave him in there, he'll note that he found a key to the next section of the tomb. Release him and follow him through yet another door.

In the next room, watch for traps and defeat the beasts. Solve the floor tile puzzle and open the gate: On the left and right walls you see Daedric letters. Step on the corresponding floor tiles in the same order. If you do it right each floor tile will glow as you step on it. Starting with the second tile from the left, it is then forward, right, forward, forward, right, forward (spelling the word "VBERMAC"). Continue to follow Dren as he picks up a gold skull with emerald eyes and "ignore any odd sounds".

Next is an underground cavern. Dren is impressed with the well-preserved corpses, until they start to attack. At the end defeat the boss Matriarch Rathila and follow Dren into the next section.

In the last room, Dren is disappointed to find a bunch of broken crates and an old well. You can tell him to embellish the adventure in his next book or trick him and tell him the treasure is down the old well. Once he gets to the edge, you can push him in for his just rewards.

Go back outside and speak to Elfbetta. If you sent Dren to the depths, you can tell her he's "well" and is exploring "one more hole", at which point she'll give you your reward.


  • Speaking to Elfbetta before Dren, she'll tell you she discovered a scroll about the tomb. Dren will first tell you he found it, but when called on it, will clarify that he translated it.
  • Pressing the wrong plates when Dren is trapped will cause him to be mildly tortured, if you so wish.


The quest is notoriously buggy.

  • Towards the end, Narsis doesn't always meet his cues and is not in the right place to get the next stage of the quest.
    • Workaround: Leaving and re-entering the area sometimes helps, though you may have to resort to abandoning the quest and starting over.


Quest Stages[edit]

Ancestral Adversity
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Elfbetta asked me to enter the Dreloth Ancestral Tomb and check on Narsis Dren. He's been gone for a long time and she's starting to get worried.
Objective: Find Narsis Dren in Dreloth Ancestral Tomb
Narsis has been observing a creature in the next chamber, watching its shadow and waiting for it to make its move. He wants me to slip into the chamber and see what the creature's true intentions are before we explore the rest of the tomb.
Objective: Investigate the Creature
Narsis wants me to help him explore the Dreloth Ancestral Tomb.
Objective: Explore Dreloth Ancestral Tomb
Narsis seems disappointed that we didn't find anything significant down here. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Narsis Dren
Objective: See What Narsis Plans to Do
I should follow Narsis Dren and listen to what he has to say.
Objective: Follow Narsis Dren
Narsis made a significant discovery and ran off, telling me to talk to his assistant back outside the Dreloth tomb. Unfortunately, he also accidentally called forth a monster and left me to deal with it. Thanks, Narsis!
Objective: Meet Elfbetta Outside the Tomb
Elfbetta said that Narsis went to the Veloth Ancestral Tomb, clear across Vvardenfell. It's on the western coast, just south of Gnisis. I should head there and see if Narsis needs any more help.
Objective: Go to Veloth Ancestral Tomb
I should enter the Veloth Ancestral Tomb and see if I can locate Narsis Dren.
Objective: Find Narsis Dren in Veloth Ancestral Tomb
Objective Hint: Open the Locked Door
Narsis Dren managed to lock himself behind a door in the Veloth tomb's first chamber, but I managed to set him free. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Narsis Dren
Narsis Dren insists that hidden passages in the Veloth tomb lead to historic relics and untold treasure. He wants me to help him search the tomb and find the hidden passage.
Objective: Locate the Hidden Passage
We arrived at what looks like the final chamber in the Veloth tomb, but Narsis insists there is more to explore. We just need to locate a hidden passage. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Narsis Dren
Narsis wants me to examine the harp that stands on a pedestal in a prominent location in the chamber. It might reveal a clue as to how to find the entrance to the hidden passages.
Objective: Find a Hidden Passage
Objective Hint: Examine the Engraved Pedestal
Objective Hint: Determine Appropriate Offerings
Objective Hint: Honor the Four Ancestors
Objective Hint: Sound the Harp
I solved the puzzle and revealed the entrance to the hidden passages Narsis was looking for. Of course, he ran ahead. I should follow him and enter the Undertomb.
Objective: Enter the Undertomb
Narsis was right about there being a hidden section of Veloth tomb. I should talk to him and see how he wants to proceed.
Objective: Talk to Narsis Dren
Narsis thinks the Undertomb must contain a valuable treasure. I agreed to help him find it.
Objective: Find the Treasure
Objective Hint: Free Narsis Again
To proceed deeper into the tomb, we need to open the locked gate. Narsis thinks the stone tiles set into the floor form a locking mechanism of some sort. We just need to solve the puzzle to move forward.
Objective: Solve the Floor Puzzle
Objective Hint: Talk to Narsis Dren
Solving the unusual Daedric puzzle revealed a golden skull in a hidden chamber. Narsis grabbed it and another passage opened. I should talk to Narsis and see what he thinks of all this.
Objective: Talk to Narsis Dren
Narsis wants to keep going, deeper into the tomb. I should follow him into the ancient crypt we just uncovered.
Objective: Enter the Tomb of the Matriarch
Narsis is sure there is a treasure room or vault in the ancient crypt beneath the Veloth tomb. I should help him find it.
Objective: Find the Treasure Vault
Narsis entered an old chamber that he believes must be the treasure vault. I should follow him.
Objective: Enter the Treasure Vault
This doesn't look like a treasure vault and Narsis is clearly disappointed. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Narsis Dren
Objective Hint: Push Narsis Dren
☑Finishes quest I should head back outside and let Elfbetta know that Narsis isn't doing well.
Objective: Talk to Elfbetta
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