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Restore and cleanse the Shrine of Saint Veloth.
Zone: Deshaan
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Shrine of Saint Veloth — Restore Saint Veloth and stop the Daedric incursion.
Quest Giver: Acolyte Gami in Selfora
Location(s): Shrine of Saint Veloth
Prerequisite Quest: The Seal of Three
Previous Quest: Rescue and Revenge
Next Quest: Healing Hearts
Reward: Saint Veloth's Shield
Average Leveled Gold
Saint Veloth and his Reliquary

The Shrine of Saint Veloth has been desecrated by Magistrix Vox. This Daedric attack has left the spirit of Veloth in a weakened state.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Travel to the Shrine of Saint Veloth.
  2. Gather the Reliquary Stones, Spire and Pendant.
  3. Find Saint Veloth's skull in the crypt.
  4. Restore Saint Veloth.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Magistrix Vox attacked the Shrine of Saint Veloth. Acolyte Gami says Veloth's power seems to be fading.

At the Shrine, you gather Reliquary Stones, the Reliquary Spire and the Reliquary Pendant. However, Master Aron says a daedroth took Saint Veloth's skull. Acolyte Hlen followed the daedroth to the western crypts.

You follow the daedroth into the crypt and destroy it. The skull is behind the daedroth. Pick it up, climb the stairs and talk to the Vestige of Saint Veloth. He tells you to place the skull with the Reliquary pieces on the dais.

Rebuilding the Reliquary restores Saint Veloth. He can protect you from Veloth's Judgment, the hammer Vox stole from the Tribunal. The hammer soul traps those it kills, and those souls feed Vox's power. Few survive its blows. Veloth gives you his blessing, which will stop you from being killed, but you will be sent to where the other souls are trapped. You need to free the souls to defeat Vox.

Saint Veloth tells you to go to Eidolon's Hollow and defeat Magistrix Vox.

Quest Stages[edit]

A Saint Asunder
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Find Master Aron
Hidden Objective: Find Reliquary Stones
Hidden Objective: Find the Reliquary Spire
Hidden Objective: Find the Reliquary Pendant
Objective: Locate Acolyte Hlen
Hidden Objective: Kill Varvesuu Nograta
Objective: Recover Saint Veloth's Skull
Objective: Talk to the Vestige of Saint Veloth
Objective: Restore the Reliquary
Finishes quest
Objective: Talk to Saint Veloth
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