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I take a lot of screenshots. And I also know a lot of stuff that probably classifies as useless information to anyone who's unfamiliar with ESO. If you need something done to an ESO article, I'll probably have some sort of information to add.

I do people pages, place pages, NPC pages, collections pages and lore pages. I'm currently setting out to get images of every NPC in ESO that doesn't already have one.

It's slow going, but I've also made it my mission to document every single place in ESO as I go through them. If you have information or images to contribute to place pages, please add them. Every little bit helps, and it's one less image I have to upload or one less bit of information I have to remember.

So what do I do here?

  • I upload wallpapers from the official ESO website and put them on General:Wallpapers. (AKA: formatting hell)
  • I write quest walkthroughs.
  • Upload images of NPCs and Places.
  • Create, format and add information to NPC, Place and Quest pages.
  • Write dungeon walkthroughs.
  • Keep our Collections pages up to date.
  • Write lore pages.

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How to Take Good Screenshots in ESO

So I Can Find It[edit]

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Favorite Pages[edit]

These are my favorite pages on UESP. Well, at least my favorites out of the ones I've worked on. There are probably articles that are better, but for one reason or another, I'm storing these pages here so I can go back and look at them every now and then.

  • Online:Nchuthnkarst - I spent a lot of time navigating Nchuthnkarst just to write a detailed walkthrough, and it paid off. Online:Labyrinthian would probably be up here too, if I put more effort into writing it, but I haven't gotten around to it.
  • Online:Orcrest - I like this page for the same reason I like Online:Nchuthnkarst. Online:Orcrest actually inspired me to format Nchuthnkarst's page the way I did! I also formatted Orcrest. And spent hours in there getting images and layout information. I could probably work on it a little more, but I was very proud of it when I first worked on it.
  • Online:Nisin Cave - I just think delve pages should have a detailed description of what the interior is like, including heavy sack and chest spawn points.
  • Online:Kerbol's Hollow - A very detailed place page. I think all place pages should be this detailed.
  • Online:Tree-Minder Na-Kesh - Confession: I wrote the skill guide on that page. That's a big part of why I love it. Aside from the subject matter being very interesting to me, I just put a lot of effort into that page and paid a lot of attention to the fight so I wouldn't miss anything.
  • Online:Vykosa the Ascendant - Vykosa was one of my first major NPC contributions, my first real dungeon-running love and the only dungeon boss I have a love-hate relationship with. I hate her because she was the last thing in the way of my challenger achievement. But I wrote her page and her fight is fun, so I love her. I will never run Vykosa Hard Mode ever again (unless you ask very nicely and I'm in a dungeon running mood). I wrote the fight walkthrough for her like I did with Tree-Minder Na-Kesh. But I did Vykosa first, hence the whole "first love" thing.
  • Online:Moon Hunter Keep - I worked on it for several hours and I like how much information is on it.
  • Online:Nildolnorne - This is one of my favorites solely because this bastard has eluded me for the past year or so. Couldn't find him to take a screenshot of him. Now we have one. This page is a hunting trophy.
  • Online:Ruins of Mazzatun - another dungeon page I worked a lot on.
  • Online:The Farmer's Champion - an uncomplicated quest page with all the information filled out, and a walkthrough that gives you enough exposition without being a dialogue dump.
  • Lore:Molag Bal - I gave him a makeover. Molag Bal is a real ... I don't want to swear here, but I would under any other circumstance. I don't want to downplay how much I dislike him as a person and how fun it is to oppose him in ESO, so I'm going to let you fill in the blank where that ellipse is in your head. But a lot is said about him in ESO, and that information wasn't there last year, so I felt obligated to overhaul the page. Then I did. And it looks great! I keep going back to that page to pick at the sentence structure and add small things, but the formatting and the amount of detail on that page is more than satisfactory for me. I think it's a prime example of what a Daedric Prince's page should look like, and for that reason, it's going on this list.
  • Lore:Cold-Flame Atronach - Just a small, clean lore page.
  • Lore:Dremora - Spent a lot of time finding references for this one, and I've grown kind of fond.
  • Lore:Indrik - A very detailed page that's pleasing to the eye.
  • Lore:Xivkyn - Another very detailed page.
  • Lore:Harvester - Beeg snek ladies.
  • Lore:Daedrat - rat gang
  • Lore:Nocturnal - Wha-bam! another glow-up. This one's still a work-in-progress! Please contribute.
  • Lore:Dreugh - Very detailed.
  • Lore:Tsono-Xuhil - One of Baby's First Lore Pages. I actually read the books from Mazzatun and deciphered what Na-Kesh and her tree were trying to accomplish. Mazzatun is one of those dungeons where the events of the quest are clear, and there's a story, but you don't quite understand what's going on unless you pay attention, and more importantly, read the books. Na-Kesh's Journal in particular is eye-opening, and my goal with this page was to make the Hist's will as clear as day for UESP's readers.
  • Lore:Gryphon - A comprehensive page with everything you need to know about gryphons. Is it Featured Article-worthy? Probably not, but I like coming back to it.
  • Lore:Peryite - Gave him a makeover.
  • Lore:Namira - Big Makeover Central, babey!
  • Lore:Mabrigash Tribe - I just find them interesting
  • Lore:Hrelvesuu - best goirl. best gorl.
  • Morrowind:Tashpi Ashibael - I haven't added anything to this page, I just like how detailed it is.

ESO Place Pages I've Reworked[edit]

To Add to Lore[edit]


  • Moonshadow Wings Mask: "The Lepidopterans are a sect of Azura cultists who conceal their features with elaborate butterfly masks."


  • Mazza-Mirri's dialogue: The Crossing - "On the edge of eternity Azurah watches over the Gates of the Crossing behind the Lunar Lattice. It is a twilight realm where death's tide reaches the afterlife's shore. Khajiit must pass through it before they reach what waits beyond." (Azurah's Crossing)


  • Haxal's dialogue: In Argonian culture, it's polite to gargle your drink./Eel paste is boiled to make brews; boiling it every morning prevents it from being rancid./Snail-gin is a type of alcohol; Argonian brewmasters are trying to figure out how not to make it kill people when they drink it.
  • Cheemee: Snakes and slugs as food.
  • Phlegmwine: Bond-Guru Topeth (Argonians love it; feasts and phlegmwine are festive)/("The phlegmwine is still bubbling, have some before the bog gasses run dry!")
    Beehuna ("The brewer tells me I drank all the celebration phlegmwine; now he asks coin for more.")
    Weegam ("I am not supposed to tell you, but the neiweets and root-nurses prepared a great feast in your honor. Mmm! I can smell the phlegmwine from here! Hurry and kill the beast so we can celebrate!")
    Jotep-Liurz ("This phlegmwine has just the right amount of skin forming on the top. And the sweetbile trembles ever so slightly in the stomach. Perfection!")


  • Honeymead - Andrathel, Donniel. Coated bowls so the mead doesn't stick to the side and burn, ruining the mead.
  • Trade instead of Commerce - Thaereledh: "We used to trade for most things; Altmer insist on using coin." This line insinuates that the Bosmer formalized a monetary system at the Altmer's insistence.

Aquatic Animals[edit]

  • Thrassian Ink contraband desc