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Sometimes natural caves serve as lairs for wild beasts, and sometimes they're occupied by criminals such as smugglers or bandits. Occasionally, they may become home to ... something worse.
Hrota Cave
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Discoverable Yes
Completion Explore and Clear
Dungeon Yes
# of Zones 1
Fallen Warriors, Wisps
Hiwoud, Jakja, Lecalus, Malinanta, Zalar-do
Gold Coast
North of Anvil
Hrota Cave

Hrota Cave is a cave located just north of Anvil containing wispmothers and undead. Wisps can be found throughout the cave, and will animate nearby corpses if not killed quickly enough. The cave contains several named wispmothers, but only Exulus needs to be killed to clear the delve. The vampire lord Zalar-do also lairs here. Exulus has a chance to drop the following chapters of the Assassins League style: Boots, Bows, Chests, Maces, and Swords.


Related Quests[edit]

Clearing the Dungeon[edit]

Explore and clear Hrota Cave.

To clear this dungeon and mark it as complete, you need to kill the following bosses:

ON-misc-Boss 1.png Exulus


Hrota Cave
Etira Gravius
Janius Cinna
Mel Adrys Quest Giver
Placidia Nerva
Salanus Rian


Mel Adrys, a quest giver, can be found just inside the entrance. If you head north from the entrance (passing by a fallen warrior and a wisp, you'll come across the corpse of Etira Gravius, which you need to loot during Buried Evil. Etira's skeleton is being picked at by a zombie. If you're on The Vampire's Prey, you'll find Jakja just down the hall to the east. If you take a left turn at the bend in the middle of the tunnel instead of continuing east towards Jakja, you'll enter a cavernous chamber that is home to Lecalus, a wispmother. The corpse of Janius Cinna lies atop a ledge behind her, near a backpack.

Heading south of Jakja's corner will bring you to a rounded hallway with a natural stone pillar in the center. Natural light filters down into the cave from the hole in the ceiling. There are two wisps in this "room", and there are two paths you can take from here. You can either go east towards another fork in the road, or you can head south towards a four-way junction. Heading east brings you to the easternmost hallway, which gives you a choice between going north or south; heading north brings you to the vampire lord's lair, and heading south brings you to Exulus's chamber.

If you head south, you'll come across a wisp and two fallen warriors. Four paths diverge from this area; you can head in any of the cardinal directions. Heading west will bring you back to the entrance. If you instead head east, you'll find a character important to The Vampire's Prey: a bloodfiend named Hiwoud. You can find a chest to the left as you exit Hiwoud's chamber from the east. If you continue east from Hiwoud's location, you'll find yourself at the cave's easternmost hallway. If you instead move south, you'll enter a large, foggy chamber with a slope dipping downwards. The southeastern portion of the room contains a wisp, a fallen warrior. Nestled at the bottom of the aforementioned slope to the south is another wispmother: Malinanta.

The corpse of Placidia Nerva lies at the end of the hallway east of Malinanta's chamber, next to a secret passage. If you head through it, you'll find yourself in a tunnel with a wisp. You can head north or continue east. If you walk east, you'll find yourself in the lair of this delve's boss: the wispmother, Exulus. She has more health than the other wispmothers in the cave, and instead of summoning mere wisps, she raises all of the fallen warriors in the room: that's no less than 27 zombies. There's a chest near the entrance of her lair, located to the right as you enter. This chest is nestled between a stalagmite and the cave wall.

The tunnel leading north from the crossroads between the secret passage and Exulus's lair contains two fallen warriors and one wisp. Once you pass Hiwoud's chamber, you'll find yourself at a secret passage, which leads you further north. You'll be met with the corpse of Salanus Rian as soon as you enter the secret passage. Aside from the corpse, you'll find three wisps and three fallen warriors. The delve's skyshard is on the east side of this room. There's another secret passage on the north side of this room, which leads you to the vampire lord's lair.

There is a backpack beside Zalar-do's sarcophagus, and a trunk on top of it. A bookshelf, a barrel a chair, and an alchemy bottle lie to the right of the vampire lord's stone "bed". A skull and a map sit atop a nearby table.


There is one Achievement associated with this location:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-UD Recruit.png Hrota Cave Explorer 5 Explore and clear Hrota Cave.


  • The cave has several cave-ins which appear to be dead ends. However, approaching one will allow you to activate a "Secret Passage" and emerge on the other side.
  • Hrota Cave also appeared in Oblivion.