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Welcome to my Page. Touch Anything or I'll kill you in the Parking Lot! Enjoy

مرحبا بكم في الصفحة. لمس أي شيء وسأقتلك في موقف للسيارات! كافر

Herzlich Willkommen auf meiner Seite. Und ich werde Sie auf dem Parkplatz zu töten!

Добро пожаловать на мою страницу. Все, и я убью тебя на стоянке!

User Boxes[edit]

MaleIcon.png This user is male.
Flag Canada.png This user is from Canada.
User-userbox-Oblivion.png This user is knowledgeable about Oblivion.
OB-icon-Knights of the Nine.png This user is knowledgeable about Knights of the Nine.
User-userbox-Shivering Isles.png This user is knowledgeable about Shivering Isles.
User-userbox-Xbox.png This user plays on the Xbox.
OB-KotN-DivineCrusaderIcon.jpg This user is a Divine Crusader in the Knights of the Nine.
OBbsign Thief.jpg This user was born under the sign of The Thief.
OB-icon-Mages Guild-Arch-Mage.png This user is an Arch-Mage in the Mages Guild.
OB-icon-Fighters Guild-Master.png This user is a Master in the Fighters Guild.
OB-icon-Thieves Guild-Gray Fox.png This user is a Gray Fox in the Thieves Guild.
OB-icon-Dark Brotherhood-Listener.png This user is a Listener in the Dark Brotherhood.
OB-icon-Arena-Grand Champion.png This user is a Grand Champion in the Arena.
KnightsOfTheWhiteStallion.gif This user is a Knight-Errant in the Knights of the White Stallion.
Lore-race-Bosmer.png This user is a Wood Elf
OB-Img-ShrineofSheogorath.JPG This user worships Sheogorath.
BlackwoodCompany.gif This user was a Company Member in the Blackwood Company.
SI-icon-Court of Madness.jpg This user is a Madgod in the Court of Madness.
OBValueIcon small.png This user has reached 1,000,000 gold ingame.
User-userbox-Atheism Symbol.png This user is an atheist.
OrderOfTheDragon.gif This user has unlocked all of the Achievements for Oblivion.
User-Aristeo-Vivec.jpg We all know this user is a god.
Lore-race-Bosmer.png This user is a level 51 Bosmer
User-userbox-Vampire Smiley Small.png This user is a former Vampire.
SK-icon-weapon-Bow.png This user is a Marksman.
User-userbox-M'aiq the Liar.jpg This user knows much, tells some.
OB-creature-Mud Crab.jpg This user has fought mudcrabs more fearsome than you!
OB-icon-Light Armor (title).gif This user is a master of Light Armor.
OB-icon-Sneak (title).gif This user is a master of Sneak.
OB-icon-Marksman (title).gif This user is a master of Marksman.
OB-icon-Acrobatics (title).gif This user is a master of Acrobatics.
OB-icon-Security (title).gif This user is a master of Secturity.
OB-icon-Mercantile (title).gif This user is a master of Mercantile.
OB-icon-Armorer (title).gif This user is a master of Armorer.
OB-icon-Speechcraft (title).gif This user is a master of Speechcraft.
OB-icon-Alchemy (title).gif This user is a master of Alchemy.
DF-creature-Orc Warlord.gif This user has a suprisingly far better Oblivion character than almosst everyone else on this website. That means you, Guy who i just surriously offended
Hlaalustrong.jpg This user is in House Hlaalu.
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