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The Court of Madness is the faction you rise in as you progress through the Main Quest. It is the only main faction and represents the ruling body in the Shivering Isles. Its leader is, of course, Sheogorath the Madgod and Daedric Prince. Immediately below him are the Dukes of Mania and Dementia leading their sides respectively. The ruler of Mania has control over the Golden Saints and oversees the well-being of Mania. In contrast, the leader of Dementia controls the Dark Seducers and is in charge of the health of Dementia.


The player is automatically made a member and given the lowest rank of 'Tourist' when they accept the invitation/challenge from Haskill and enter the Shivering Isles for the first time.


You will gain access to all the powers, artifacts, spells, and privileges listed below as you rise through the ranks in the Court of Madness. In addition, Xbox 360 players will collect an achievement for each new rank. Some of the privileges are obtained during the quest(s) done under the associated rank, but the majority are given as rewards for completion of the quest.

Since advancing in the main quest is the actual method of advancing through the faction, a particularly nice bonus touch is added to Sheogorath's Throne Room each time you complete another quest in the main storyline/faction. Each time one of the quests is finished, a unique and specific item relating to it is displayed like a relic in the throne room. Almost like a personal Museum of Oddities accounting for major decisions you've made. These are merely decoration, but serve as a nice reminder of the quests.





  • Ruin's Edge
  • A miniature replica of the House of Dementia execution cell, 'The Inquisitors Cage', is placed along the Dementia (south) side.
  • The 'Chalice of Reversal' is placed along the Mania (north) side of the Throne Room.

Honored Madman/Madwoman

Duke/Duchess of Mania/Dementia

The proceeding privileges are obtained in a separate quest from the first three.

  • Summon Flesh Atronach (120 sec)
  • Gatekeeper Gift (Multiple but alternating Greater Powers)
  • A 'Replica Gatekeeper Weapon' is placed on the Dementia side, once the Gatekeeper has been rebuilt.


Defender of the Realm



Rank Completed quests or other requirements
SI-qico-ADoorInNibenBay.png Tourist Entered The Shivering Isles for the first time
SI-qico-ThroughTheFringeOfMadness.png Aspirant Speak with Sheogorath for the first time
SI-qico-BetterMousetrap.png Citizen Finish the quest Baiting the Trap
SI-qico-LadyOfParanoia.png Madman/Madwoman Finish the quest Understanding Madness
SI-qico-ColdFlameOfAgnon.png Honored Madman/Honored Madwoman Finish the quest The Cold Flame of Agnon
SI-qico-RitualOfMania.png Duke or Duchess of Mania or
Duke or Duchess of Dementia
After you perform either the Ritual of Mania or Dementia
SI-qico-RebuildingTheGatekeeper.png Regent Finish the quest Rebuilding the Gatekeeper
SI-qico-TheHelplessArmy.png Defender of the Realm Shortly after starting the quest Symbols of Office
SI-qico-TheEndOfOrder.png Madgod Finish the quest The Prince of Madness