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About Me[edit]

My name is Sees-the-Stars, Sees, or just Stars, and I started playing the Elder Scrolls games when I was around seven, with Oblivion. We bought Skyrim the Christmas it came out, and for 3 years, I played that, Minecraft, and many other miscellaneous games, including trying out Morrowind, though I didn't much care for it. I came back to Oblivion this past year and began playing it, but more thoroughly. I began using the wiki, discovering UESP after the 'Official Elder Scrolls Wiki' but I like you guys much better. So I joined to contribute and help others like myself.

What I Do[edit]

On the wiki I usually isolate myself to the Skyrim and Oblivion pages. I don't want to wrongly contribute to anything, so I try to stick to what I know. As I play the games I look at everything I encounter on the wiki to see if I find anything different from what is already written. I am fairly new to all of this, so please excuse any mistakes I make. On the forums, I mostly ask question about in-game issues.


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