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Hello, I'm Pickle.

I play Oblivion a lot. I have it for both PC and Xbox 360, and have all DLCs and expansions. I also have Morrowind, with all DLCs and expansions. I am anxiously waiting for Skyrim, which sounds amazing so far.

Though I have both games for PC, they don't seem to work well so I mostly play on the Xbox 360. I still have access to the Construction Set though!

Preferred Playstyle[edit]


If I'm playing as a good character, I will usually become a mage and join the Mages Guild. I love the idea of creating your own spells, potions/poisons, and enchanting things. It seems to give much more customized play rather than an all-out warrior.


I think being a criminal is a lot of fun too. The two major roles, Thief and Assassin, are really fun, because you have to plan ahead and think up a strategy. I do like being a Assassin though, but what I like most is being a Vampire Assassin! You can feed on them, then kill. I also like sneaking into Ayleid Ruins and taking enemies down with poisoned arrow sneak attacks!

Wiki General Improvement[edit]

This is what I'm currently working on:

  • Fix spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Revert vandalism
  • Rewrite sloppy writing
  • Add more links to words not yet linked in the page
  • Improve Oblivion pages

Oblivion DLC Opinions/Reviews[edit]

DLC Opinion
OB-icon-Fighter's Stronghold.png Fighter's Stronghold This was a really fun DLC to play. I really liked how you could have a personal trainer, chef, vintner, smithy, etc. You also got a bunch of secret passageways and most of all control of the whole castle!
OB-HorseArmor-Steel.png Horse Armor Pack This was a rip-off for me. Seriously, $2.50 for 2 new textures and meshes. They weren't even original and probably appeared in Morrowind. I mean Steel and Elven? Come on...
OB-icon-Knights of the Nine.png Knights of the Nine I didn't care much for this DLC. I didn't really like how most of the quests were just grab the item and leave quests. Nothing interested me much besides the armor. When I looked in the CS, I also saw how much stuff it edited, a lot of things for no reason.
OB-icon-Mehrunes' Razor.png Mehrunes' Razor A good dungeon since it made the boring layout of a default cave rich with items, notes, and a backstory. The weapon is also nice for stealth-based players which I am.
OB-icon-Orrery.png Orrery Not a very interesting quest. The rewards are nice for Mages though...
OB-icon-Spell Tomes.png Spell Tomes Very helpful for Mages and low-level characters. It also makes loot more interesting. Good for the $1 price tag.
OB-icon-Thieves Den.png Thieves Den I like how there were many new trainers and an infinite lockpicking chest. Not much more interested me, since the secret entrance was already in the game before.
OB-icon-Vile Lair.png Vile Lair Very cool, since I love being a vampire and an assassin. My favorite thing is the vampire bed.
OB-icon-Wizard's Tower.png Wizard's Tower Awesome in the fact that you don't have to complete half the Mages Guild Questline to enchant and create custom spells. It also gives you an alchemy garden with a skill-boosting table, an Atronach alter, a huge library, and best of all: teleportation to all Mages Guilds!



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