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About Me(game wise):

Ive played Skyrim ever since it came out. I have also player Oblivion and Morrowind and am very knowledgeable about all these titles. I am very good on knowing the lore. My favorite race is the Khajjit then following the Nord. I prefer playing male characters though in real life i am a female. I usally make a bunch of characters just for the fun of it. I can indeed answer any questions from the above titles i explained and would gladly give the best answers i am on almost everyday

Skyrim Character[edit]

Location Skyrim
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Level 30 Class Werewolf
RefID N/A BaseID N/A
Other Information
Health {{{health}}} Magicka unlimited
Essential Yes
Faction(s) UESP User,Dark brotherhood,Thieves Guild

In Skyrim I play a male Khajjit. He is the head of the thieves guild, Harbringer of the companions, and listener of the Dark brotherhood. He has a companion dog, Meeko which will loyaly fight for him if even it means death. J'Skar worries for him deeply, for he knows skyrim is a dangerous place with harmful creatures that are dangerous. He ussally has him wait when J'Skar knows he going someplace dangerous. He lives a quiet life with his wife Angi. He fell in love with her when he was adveturing and came across her shack in the mountains. She showed him what she new about archery. J'skar luckly was skilled with the bow considering his archery tree is filled. He has his beloved horse shadowmere which he rides often. There has been hard times for him and angi wich turned him to joining the thieves guild. He made lots of money and gained trust within the guild and later became the leader. Before he met angi he joined the companions he was already a fierce warrior and was ready to fight he later became a memeber of the circle and took the blood oath and later became a werewolf. He was thrilled with this new power and used it often.Though one night (before he met angi)He had another lover to wich he was married to a girl in whiterun who worked the market selling vegitables with her daughter. She lived in his house in Solitude and he killed her over fierce rage. He didnt know what happened and when he awoke in the basement and called her name. He didnt here an answer. He called again, no answer. He ran upstairs worried. He later found his wife in a pool of her own blood on the floor. He kneeled to the floor and mourned. He later turned to drinking not knowing what to do. Whenever in whiterun he would get hate commets by her daughter considering she heard about the death. He would feel a slight tear come to his eye. He left civilization and went to the mournful town of falkreath where death spurred everywhere.Later he was kidnapped by astrid and joined the dark brotherhood he warmed up to the guild at great speed completing the various contracts they sent him. He then found that after murdering the emporor(wich he hated doing) That he was betrayed later finding the sactuary in ashes and fellow astid as well finding that she was the one that betrayed him. He was sad hearing this news but killed her as she wished he later finds his comforts in dawnstar sactuary though doesnt visit often. Later finding angi and lifting his bad habit of drinking and later taking marksman lessons from her. He became a master of stealth and archery quickly and after hearing the sad events that happened to her to he knew that she can use someone too. They later got married but, he couldnt bear to do the same as he did before. He instead brought her outside levaing meeko inside just in case she attacked him, so he couldnt attack her. He turned in front of her though terrified she accepted him. J'Skar now fights to bring food back and wanders skyrim for treasures. He has found all the daedric artifacts and dragon claws and continous to bring odds and edds to the cabin but they both enjoy each other fighting and striving for each other each day.

Oblivion Character[edit]

Location Cyrodiil
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Level 14 Class assassin
RefID N/A BaseID N/A
Other Information
Health {{{health}}} Magicka unlimited
Essential Yes
Faction(s) UESP User,Dark brotherhood,Thieves Guild

In oblivion i played a female khajjit charater named skeepa who was an excellant assassin due to her nautral stealthy abilitys who is also a high ranking memeber in the thieves guild. She lives a quiet life in the sea sides of anvil with her pet wolf, kiba who fights and protects her with his life. She is a thief and is good at what she does haveing these skills at a hundred. She has taken influence with the daedric Lords earning there artifacts one by one. She dreams of becoming a mage but doesnt posses the abilitys they require. Instead she looks at the colledge every chance she gets when she visits the imperial city. She became the champion of cyrodiil by defeating mehrunes dagon. She travels often through the vast land of cyrodiil she longs for love of wich she cant find. Later seeking nothing more in her life she became a bandit knowing nothing more than her daily life would change she later got caught and jailed. She broke out and later began doing the same. Unfourtanely she got jailed once more. She new she was doing wrong for this wasnt her. She cried wondering what came of her and her mind. She served her time in jail. She returned to her farm in anvil and went to the hitching post to see if shadowmere was there. She wasnt and Skeepa became worried she later found the corpse of her loving horse beneath the hill at the back of her house. She cried and gave shadowmere and final resting place at the bottom of the hill from which he was found. He buried her and ran to her house to see what became of it while she was gone. She found her pet wolf dead on the ground. She cried once more. She figure this was recent for the blood wasnt even dry.She buried kiba right beside shadowmere hoping they would find rest wherever they went in death. She retured to her house later checking the basement she knew something was in there but, didnt know where. She felt something creeping behind her and before she could draw her last breath a dagger struck her in the heart. She was discovered by some gaurds and wondered where to put her for she didnt belong in the city grave yard for she never really was a part of it. The two gaurds later discover the two graves out back. They buried her inbetween the two graves of her deacesed animal companions may she forever find peace in life and death.

Morrowind Character[edit]

J'Skar (j'skar)
Location Morrowind
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 54 Class assassin
Other Information
Health {{{health}}} Magicka unlimited
Essential Yes
Faction(s) UESP User,Fighters guild,Thieves Guild

In morrowind i played a male Nord named Derek (yes i know not a nord name but this was the first elder scroll game i ever played) Derek was new to morrowind and filled in his realese forms and left for seyda neen he warmed up to the towns and harsh climate of morrowind he later heard rumors about an icy island known as solsthiem, He thought this was perfect as he missed the snow capped mountains of skyrim. He traveled there from khuul.He noticed that most were complaining about this. He later found out about the skaal and went to there village. He gained there trust and stayed in there village for quite sometime hunting wolves and bringing there pelts.Later one evening while talking to the leader. The village as ransacked by werewolves.He later went outside to see what happened and immediatly attacked the werewolves charging after him. Near death the shaman of the village approached him. He said that he contracted the diasese of lycanthropy. He did not want him near the village while he was cursed. He did say that he could cure it within 3 days if he used a potion of cure common diasese. Derek was unsure for he respected the skaal but also saw how powerful the werewolves were. He thought and decided to become a werewolf. as he could feel the beast blood taking over his body day by day he waited. and waited. and waited. He new it was the night he would feel is first transfomation. He blacked out and later became the beast. He felt the bloodlust within him and hunted for unweary prey. He later happened upon a young girl lost within the woods. He stalked her silently and right before she could turn around he killed her. He later followed in hircines path and began the hunt he put on each era. He later found himself to be hunted by his own kind, werewolves. He got through these tasks and later defeated hircine. He later found luxery living in the town of balmora. He lived in Nerano manor and placed all is trophies or weapons of hard work around the house. He would live as a human by day and a beast by night. He later heard rumors of a werewolf hunter in town. He was curious of this person and wanted to know who it was. He searched around town for various clues. He later found out that a nord women owned the title of the mysterious werewolf hunter. He had planned to kill her that night. He turned into is wolf form and later began hunting her down but, she was quick and agile for when he was looking for her she striked him with an arrow in the back. He got furious and tried various slashes and hits to kill her but each strike he missed he got tired and later fell to the ground. She pulled out a sword and stabbed him in the back. After she ended his unfortanet life he later reverted to his human form. The town was surprised and happy it was dead yet sad they had lost someone they had known for a long while but she told them "he was dead all this time" "for he died while he lived, like a beast."


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