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Crusader 21[edit]

My username is Crusader21. "Crusader" because the divine crusader is awesome, and "21" because that's my football number. I had a level 44 or something like that, but then I had to move so my player is in my friend's hands. I am a experienced player, so if any new players are reading this feel free to ask me some questions. I joined here pretty recently, but I have a bad memory. I am not Nnamdi Asomugha! I am a school student, in middle school.

normaloblivionwallpaperknightsofthenine_2.jpg Nnamdi_Asomugha_Celebrates.jpg

Current Status[edit]

11-14-09: First created my user page. I had a huge season-ending football party. I mostly play DE and some CB

11-18-09: I finally figured out how to make userboxes. Currently listing to Disturbed and System of a Down.

11-23-09: Went to go see the Trail Blazers game with my girlfriend. They won!

11-26-09: Happy Thanksgiving USEP members!!!


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