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Sotha Sil
(lore page)
# of Zones 13
Console Location Code(s)
Sotha Sil, Central Gearworks
Sotha Sil, Chamber of Sohleh
Sotha Sil, Dome of Kasia
Sotha Sil, Dome of Serlyn
Sotha Sil, Dome of Sotha Sil
Sotha Sil, Dome of the Imperfect
Sotha Sil, Dome of Udok
Sotha Sil, Hall of Delirium
Sotha Sil, Hall of Mileitho
Sotha Sil, Hall of Sallaemu
Sotha Sil, Hall of Theuda
Sotha Sil, Inner Flooded Halls
Sotha Sil, Outer Flooded Halls
Map of the Clockwork City

Sotha Sil is the great city of Sotha Sil, only accessible by teleportation.

It is only accessible through Tribunal's Main Quest and by using Barilzar's Mazed Band. Despite its name, the Clockwork City you experience here isn't really much of a city, since it is mainly indoor tunnels half-filled with water and machines of Dwemer-inspired designs. The tunnels are also crawling with Fabricants envisioned by Sotha Sil.

When Almalexia teleports you to the Clockwork City in The Mad God, if you look behind you, you'll see a door which has been destroyed and blocked by a cave-in. This is obviously a passage that used to link the explorable area with the rest of the city.

Related Quests[edit]

  • The Mad God: Find the supposedly mad Sotha Sil in his hidden Clockwork City for Almalexia.

Outer Flooded Halls[edit]

Outer Flooded Halls
Map of the Outer Flooded Halls

The first door you encounter can be opened by a small lever, located on a pillar in the center of the room. The hallway beyond the door contains a couple of swinging blades, which you will want to avoid.

A dead Verminous Fabricant can be found floating in the water if you continue straight ahead.

Inner Flooded Halls[edit]

Inner Flooded Halls
Map of the Inner Flooded Halls


Hall of Delirium[edit]

Hall of Delirium
Map of the Hall of Delirium


Central Gearworks[edit]

Map of the Central Gearworks
Central Gearworks


Chamber of Sohleh[edit]

Chamber of Sohleh
Map of the Chamber of Sohleh


Hall of Theuda[edit]

Hall of Theuda
Map of the Hall of Theuda


Dome of Kasia[edit]

Dome of Kasia
Map of the Dome of Kasia

The Dome of Kasia contains a trap that requires quick feet to evade. If you look up, you will see a huge, rotating mechanical arm with a saw at its end. As soon as you step onto the balcony, from which you must access the door in order to progress, you are in danger of being hit by the saw, which will kill you instantly. In order to run around to the door quickly enough to avoid the saw, you will need to use Fortify Speed effects in order to increase your running speed. The elixirs dropped by Verminous Fabricants fortify speed, and you will probably have to drink several of them in order to beat the saw. Another way to get past this trap is to use a Jump or Fortify Acrobatics spell/potion (e.g. the Scroll of Icarian Flight) and jump from the floor onto the ledge.

Dome of Serlyn[edit]

Dome of Serlyn
Map of the Dome of Serlyn

There's a short puzzle in this small area with two levers and a machine that makes the Verminous Fabricants. The left switch opens the front door and the right switch opens the back door; however, you cannot operate both at once. The trick here is to flip the right switch to open the back door, then flip it a second time to close it, then open and close the front door. When the machine starts making noises and the tubes overhead move, open the back door again. The front door then will open automatically to release the Fabricant, leaving both doors open, and you will have a few moments to pass before the front door closes again.

Note: if you want to trap the soul of a Verminous Fabricant, this is the only moment you can. Only the Verminous Fabricants made by this machine have a soul that you can trap.

Hall of Sallaemu[edit]

Hall of Sallaemu
Map of the Hall of Sallaemu


Dome of Udok[edit]

Dome of Udok
Map of the Dome of Udok

Upon entering this area, you will see a large chasm filled with lava separating you from the door. To your right is a 'rusted lever' which requires a Strength of at least 100 to operate. Unless your strength is already at maximum through leveling up, you will need to use Fortify Strength effects in order to push the handle down. Fortunately, the Hulking Fabricants carry an elixir which fortifies strength, but unless you have already obtained enough to increase your strength above 100, you will become trapped in this area, as there is no way back through the Dome of Serlyn. Once you have activated the lever, the bridge is constructed and the way to the door is cleared.

An alternative (though difficult) option is to run around the narrow rim towards the door. If you run around the side to the left of the way in (the side with the verminous fabricant), you should be able to jump onto the bridge. Alternatively, a spell or potion of jump can be used to jump across directly. From here, there is a small gap between the bridge and the wall, on the right-hand side. Through this, if you position yourself correctly, the door can be selected and traveled through.

Hall of Mileitho[edit]

Hall of Mileitho
Map of the Hall of Mileitho


Dome of the Imperfect[edit]

Dome of the Imperfect
Map of the Dome of the Imperfect

You will see two giant Dwemer-like statues guarding the exit in this small dome. While they both look static one of them is in fact active and will attack you when you move close enough (you can see the shadow of the active one if you have them enabled). The construct is called an Imperfect and it offers quite a fight in this confined space. The Imperfect is magic-resistant, casts a nasty shock spell, and hits very hard.

Note that you will be unable to enter the Dome of Sotha Sil until the Imperfect has been killed.

Dome of Sotha Sil[edit]

Sotha Sil at the heart of his city
Map of the Dome of Sotha Sil



  • The Dome of Serlyn may be pitch black. This 'darkness' cannot be counteracted with light/nighteye/resist or any type of spell. Use the editor to set the nif value to 1.0 for the fog, in order to solve the problem. This is likely due to a specific video card problem. Alternatively, you can open the console and enter "ts" (for "Toggle Sky"), which will 'switch' the lights back on when you close the console.