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Replace an ill actor for this theater troupe.
Quest Giver: Meryn Othralas at the Great Bazaar
Location(s): Great Bazaar
Reward: 2000 gold (minus 200 gold for every mistake, and only 100 gold if you make 9 mistakes) and the Amulet of Verbosity if you make fewer than 3 mistakes
ID: MS_Performers
All the world's a stage...

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Meryn Othralas.
  2. Agree to help him out by replacing Tarvus Beleth.
  3. Review the script of The Horror of Castle Xyr.
  4. Speak to Meryn Othralas again.
  5. Walk to the rug on the stage.
  6. Deliver your lines.
  7. Kill the assassin that attacks you.
  8. Speak to Meryn Othralas once more to receive your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Talk to Meryn Othralas in the Great Bazaar area to learn that his troupe is performing its own drama. Unfortunately they are without the actor Tarvus Beleth who has become ill and are looking for someone to replace him. Since you just happen to look somewhat like the ill actor, Meryn will offer you to take the part of Clavides, Captain of the Imperial Guard in the production. Accept and he'll give you the play script, The Horror of Castle Xyr, telling you to review it and talk to him again. He does say that you must return within two minutes as the part requires exact timing.

Read the book given to you, keeping in mind that you are playing the part of Clavides. Review the lengthy play, though unless you have an exceptional memory, you won't be able to memorize all the correct lines. Once again, talk to Meryn, who will take back the book and tell you to get onstage to the center of the rug and deliver your lines (he'll be counting any mistakes). As soon as you hit the rug you'll be frozen and the play will commence. You are given a multiple choice question when it's your turn to deliver a line and you will be notified of any mistakes you make, along with boos from Jodhur and Nevama Sarobar.

ANARA: Good evening to you, serjo.

YOU: Good evening. Is your master home?

ANARA: No, serjo, it's only me here. My master Sedura Kena Telvanni Hordalf Xyr is at his winter estate. Is there something I can do for you?

YOU: Possibly. Would you mind if I came in?

ANARA: Not at all, serjo. Please. May I offer you some flin?

YOU: No, thank you. What's your name?

ANARA: Anara, serjo.

YOU: Anara, when did your master leave Scath Anud?

ANARA: More than a fortnight ago. That's why it's only me in the castle, serjo. All the other servants and slaves who tend to his lordship travel with him. Is there something wrong?

YOU: Do you know an Ashlander named Sul-Kharifa?

ANARA: No, serjo. I know no one by that name.

YOU: He's dead. He last said "castle" and "Xyr".

ANARA: B'vek, that's strange. I suppose it's possible that my master knew this man, but being an Ashlander and my master being of the House of Telvanni, well, if you'll pardon me for being flippant, serjo, I don't think they would be friends.

YOU: Could I look in your master's library?

ANARA: Please, serjo, go wherever you want. We have nothing to hide. We're loyal Imperial subjects.

YOU: As, I hear, are all Telvanni.

Everything goes well until you deliver your final line, at which point an assassin, one Dravil Indrano, will attack you. Defend yourself, kill him, and speak with Meryn once again. Meryn was completely aware of the assassin and sent you in to deal with it as well as to protect the actor Tarvus, whom the assassin was actually after. Fortunately, he rewards you well with 2,000 gold (minus 200 gold for each mistake) and an Amulet of Verbosity if you have made fewer than 3 mistakes, and you can get a nice shiny Daedric Wakizashi for yourself from your attacker's corpse, worth 48,000 gold.


  • Unlike the copies of The Horror of Castle Xyr you may find back on Vvardenfell, this one is not a skill book, and will not raise your Destruction skill when you read it, even though the text is identical.
  • If you wish to get the best reward without having to read the lengthy play, you can save while the actor portraying Anara speaks her lines, giving you the opportunity to reload if you choose the incorrect option.


  • If you strike the assassin first, or even if you wait on the rug and fight after he hits you, you may violate the law and be forced to pay a fine. The assassin stops attacking you and if you continue fighting, you get fined again. Run toward the attacker and you can fight normally.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

A Star is Born (MS_Performers)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I have agreed to take over the lead part of Clavides in the Mournhold Players' production of "The Horror of Castle Xyr." I have been provided with a copy of the script, and have a mere two minutes to memorize my lines before I have to report to Meryn for the play.
20 I did not return to Meryn in time. He will undoubtedly be upset with me.
30 I have returned to Meryn, ready to perform my role in the play.
50 I have successfully defended myself from an assassin who assaulted me in the middle of my performance! The play obviously cannot go on. Perhaps I should speak with Meryn about what just happened.
100 ☑Finishes quest Meryn Othralas wanted me to perform with the Mournhold Players, but I turned him down. I never was that much of an actor.
120 ☑Finishes quest Meryn Othralas explained that I was used as a decoy for the assassin to protect their lead actor. I am not happy about this treatment, but Meryn did reward me, commensurate with my performance.
150 ☑Finishes quest I agreed to star in the Mournhold Player's production of "The Horror of Castle Xyr," but changed my mind at the last minute and walked off right as the play was starting. I'm sure Meryn will not be happy.
160 ☑Finishes quest Meryn Othralas says Gureryne Selvilo, the leading lady, is dead, so there won't be any play today.