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Due to the sensitive nature of this template and the fact that it is used on a large number of pages, it has been semi-protected to prevent site-wide damage by vandal bots.
Editors: In order to minimize the impact on our servers, please use sandboxes to make and test changes to widely used templates before deployment.
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The idea here is to stop nasty redlinks appearing on information transcluded from the Lore namespace into game spaces.

For instance, it's perfectly valid for the Oblivion:Abecean Sea article to transclude Lore:Abecean Sea but because of prior links, the Oblivion one gets redlinks to places like Hammerfell and Valenwood. We don't want Oblivion:Hammerfell and Oblivion:Valenwood pages because those ought to link to the Lore space.

This template will try the local namespace first, then the parent namespace, then Lore, and then display a non-link.

What To Use

  • {{Lore Link}}: Link to the gamespace article if it exists or the Lore article otherwise. Usually, you should not use this template outside of Lore space unless that page is transcluded into a Lore page. Instead, link directly to the page you want.
  • {{Future Link}}: Link to a gamespace article that doesn't yet exist but may in the future; link to the Lore article until then.
  • [[Namespace:page]]: Link directly to the namespace. This should be used in cases where the namespace will always be the same, and either the page already exists or a red link is desired.
  • [[Lore:page]]: Always link to the Lore page, regardless of whether any gamespaces have a same-named article.


Lore Link
Parameter Scope Description
1 required The name of the page to link to.
display or 2 optional Text to display instead of the page name.
NSlink optional The link to use within the specific namespace. Always use the full name, including namespace, without square brackets (e.g., "Online:Werewolf (NPC)", not just "Werewolf (NPC)"). The namespace is required to allow for custom parent links, such as linking from a Dragonborn page to a custom Skyrim page.
NSdisplay optional The display text to use within the specific namespace.


{{Lore Link|Hammerfell|This points to Lore namespace.}}

This points to Lore namespace.

{{Lore Link|Aedra and Daedra|This points to Template namespace.}}

This points to Template namespace.

{{Lore Link|The Hamburglar|This is not a link.}}

This is not a link.

{{Lore Link|Werewolf|werewolves|ONdisplay=cute little bunny rabbits|ONlink=Online:Werewolf (NPC)}}

cute little bunny rabbits (if used in the Online namespace)
werewolves (normal display from the Template namespace)

{{Lore Link|Vivec (god)}}