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Bone Wolf/Zombie Fixed Locations[edit]

This list is shared for both Bone Wolf fixed locations and Zombie fixed locations. In testing, I only ever got Bone Wolves at these locations, but it was daytime, and I believe zombies are only supposed to appear at night, which likely explains why I never saw any. (Haven't done that quest yet, so I'm not sure.) Anyway, on to the list. I've described these as best I could, but they could probably use a bit of massaging before we put them anywhere useful. For that matter, I'm not sure whether we want these on the individual pages (when we have them...and when not, then where?) or just a list here or what. Also, while I've listed the map links for both when there were two, realistically they all appear very close to one another. It was just convenient for me to have the coordinates when I was first checking, so I converted them into map links when I posted.