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An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim[edit]

There is a book that can be found on the bottom shelf of a bookshelf in the Jorrvaskr Living Quarters ("An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim" Reading it updates your map, but I don't know what it adds to the map. Probably the four locations of Stones of Fate mentioned in the book. I don't know how to do the wiki editing thing properly or I'd put it on the page myself. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 02:08 on 24 November 2011

The book itself is found in various locations and does add 4 map markers to the map. It is discussed on the page here. An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim
(Imperial_Jerkface) 3:52 AM [03:52], Monday, January 16 2012 (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Jorrvaskr Hall CTD on exit bug[edit]

I just experienced a nasty bug with Jorrvaskr hall where You can't leave the hall after entering it. In this topic: Someone experienced the exact same bug, but what is interesting is that I also was at level 55 when this happened, so it MIGHT have something to do with this or something related. If this happens to you, use player.moveto command to teleport to some character that you know is outside Whiterun. Afterwards I could enter Whiterun normally. ( 16:31, 7 December 2011 (UTC))

I have also encountered the bug where you can enter Jorrvaskr but not exit it.
I was able to revert to a save just before I could not enter and found what seems to cause the problem for me.
It appears I was on a 'The Dark Brotherhood Forever' quest in Windhelm.
Once the target has been killed, it some how caused the CTD when leaving Jorrvaskr.
How a Dark Brotherhood quest can relate to causing this crash I am not certain but does it every time.
Fortunately I still have the save file, but know that if I do kill the target, I will not be able to leave Jorrvaskr once I enter, unless I use a command as mentioned above or the 'coc' command to teleport out of Jorrvaskr without using the door.
e.g. coc whiterun.
Unfortunately this is only a work around and needs to be done every time I decide go to Jorrvaskr Hall. — Unsigned comment by Ellwood (talkcontribs) at 04:48 on 11 December 2011
Not sure the above is true (certainly the circumstances are true, just not sure it's related). I just hit the same bug and I've only done up to the "Sanctuary" Dark Brotherhood quest where you receive your first contracts (haven't completed the contracts). I'm level 60, but hadn't been in Jorrvaskr for a long time (around level 25-30 or so). My Companions quests completed through "Glory of the Dead" and maybe 2 or 3 radiant quests afterwards. I don't know if it matters but at least once I've cleared a Silver Hand location without having been asked to. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 10:25 on 11 December 2011
I have this same ctd. When trying the to exit the building after the load screen a hazy brown screen appears and then the game crashes. My character was lvl 49 when I first noticed it and the Companions quest line was complete and I was working through their miscellaneous quests. I never joined the Dark Brotherhood mentioned above so it must be something else causing it. I guess the doors have a script attached and there is some bug with that. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 13:00 on 2 January 2012

() I can't trigger the bug whatsoever and I finished the quest line months ago. Before we add the gigantic bug fix below, I'd really like the cause for this bug to be determined - or just some more opinions. (Originally posted by Imperial_Jerkface)

There also appears to be a serious game crashing bug related to Jorrvaskr. After some playing time, attempting to leave Jorrvaskr will cause the game to crash upon finishing the loading of Whiterun. This bug seems to be affecting all platforms (PS3, Xbox 360, and PC). However, there is a temporary solution to escape this bug until Bethesda fixes this bug, but is tedious.

  • If you turn off the auto save features "Save on Travel and "Save on Character Menu", you'll be greeted with a blank screen instead with the usual HUD, as well as the the cross-hairs saying "Open to Whiterun."
  • If you were greeted by the black screen, all your character controls are locked.
  • If you were greeted by the black screen, you can still access the Favorites Menu, Pause Menu, and Character Menu.
  • You can still equip your items using the Favorites Menu, but they will not be able to be drawn.
  • Attempting to save (auto or manual) or reload while in the black screen will cause the game to freeze.
  • If you access your items or magic inventory while in the black screen through the character menu, the game will freeze.
  • There is a Stone of Beranziah in Kodlak's room. It is best to grab it a early as possible. If you ran into this bug and the stone is still in the room, you will not be able to complete the quest No Stone Unturned.
  • Moving in between the two interior cells (Jorrvaskr and Jorrvaskr Living Quarters) will not cause the bug to manifest.
  • Possible causes of this bug after some research include the following:
  • One source say this bug may occur upon the completion of the Companions Quest Line, though it has not been confrimed. This has been tested and found not to be the case.
  • Another source says the bug occurs right after the civil war mission Battle for/Defense of Whiterun and the modification of the city. This has been tested and found not to be the case.
  • Another source says the bug occurs when the the file size gets too big, which also happens to be the biggest cause for many of the other bugs in Skyrim. This hasn't been confirmed.
  • Another source says that the bug may be caused after completing a number of Thieves Guild Quests (around 3 to 4). This is very unlikely, however. This has been tested and found not to be the case.
  • Another source points to the Dark Brotherhood as the culprit. Most have noticed this glitch when they were doing the Quests for the Dark Brotherhood. Yet, for some reason, others are experiencing this glitch without even joining the Dark Brotherhood. This has been tested and found not to be related to the Dark Brotherhood quests.
  • Another source says that the bug may have been caused due to corrupted Cell data. This has not been confirmed.
  • Another source indicates that it could be due to corrupted Save Data, which happens after the file save reaches over a certain size (usually around 15 MB). This hasn't been confirmed.
  • Yet another source states that the bug could be related to what level your character is. This hasn't been confirmed.
  • This bug is not caused by an official patch as players have been reporting this bug with an unpatched version of the game. This has been tested and found that this is true.
  • Temporary Solutions include the following:
  • For the PC version:
-You can teleport yourself out of Jorrvaskr by using the console commands to any other cell.
  • For the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions:
-Before leaving Jorrvaskr, disable any auto save functions, then attempt to to leave Jorrvaskr. If done right, you'll be greeted with the black screen (as described above) instead of the game crashing.
-Access the Map Screen through the Character Menu. Notice that the map or cursor will not be displayed but only the interface help at the bottom. This is fine.
-Next use the left analog stick to move the cursor until you hear the sound that indicates that the cursor is hovering over a location.
-Press activate (default is X on the PS3 or A on the Xbox 360). Then press activate again. Note: Spamming the activate button can help in this situation, but is not highly recommended.
-The screen will not change over to the regular loading screen until the actual loading is complete. Give the loading process some time to complete. If after 2 minutes the loading process has not finished (it should not take as nearly as long), then the process failed and you'll have to restart.
-If you are unsure as to what sound you're looking for (cursor hovering over a location), access the Map Screen before leaving Jorrvaskr (or anywhere else other than the black screen) and move the cursor over a location and listen to the sounds the game makes.
-The cell selected in the Map Screen should be loaded and displayed as soon as the loading is complete.
-This only works for locations that have been found. All other rules for fast travelling still apply.
-This has been tested and has been confirmed to work.

--Krusty 09:19, 10 January 2012 (UTC)

(Xbox360 version) WARNING: The fast travel solution works, but if you use it, the texture on your character face may be all messed up, looking just like a patchwotk of hundreds of pixels; the face remains messed up even if you load previous games. To fix this problem, save the game – I recommend to NOT overwrite the previous save – then exit from the game to the main menu; now load the game you just saved, and your character face should look as it used to be. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 13:29 on 14 March 2012
-I'll test this out as soon as I can. I have personally run into this bug. I have over 200 hours put in, LVL 51, and all Major Factions and Main Story Line completed. I did not access Jorrvaskr for a while after completing their Quest Line and only did so a few days ago, only to run into this bug. I have started a new file to test out a couple theories. (Imperial_Jerkface) 1:57 AM [01:57], Wednesday, 11 January 2012 (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
I had this same bug happen, on the xbox 360(skyrim patched to 1.3, xbox patched up, etc.) I'm level 66, with the main quests/questlines all done. I did recently repeat a dark brotherhood quest, to kill a visiting noble at the Jarl's place in whiterun. My savefiles are now 18 meg each (relation to the large save file having something to do with it, as mentioned above?) I went into Jorv, did some stuff, trained archery, then tried to exit. That is when I get the freeze. I tried 5 times (after hard rebooting), then went to a previous save. I no longer HAVE to go to Jorv. for anything, I was just getting the "free" daedra heart for the heck of it, (though having 400,000 gold means I don't NEED to get that free one ;) ) I will mess around some more and see if I still get the freeze. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 16:01 on 14 January 2012
the bug should be on the front pge. This happened to me too, & the quick fix tip solved it.Puffin 02:13, 20 January 2012 (UTC)
-I have tested some theories and found some of them not to be reasons as to why this bug may happen. Read above for edited areas were a certain theory has been tested and found not be the case. This is where the PC version and the Constructor's Set (now known as the Creation Set) can help out quite a bit! Thank you. (Imperial_Jerkface) 1:57 AM [01:57], Wednesday, 11 January 2012 (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

() OK, so I'll post my experience to see if it help others. I'm on PS3 level 74, 206 hours of gameplay, second character. I did the dark brtherhood quests to the point of dark brotherhood forever, of which I did no quests. entered the hall, exited and nothing weird happened. i finished the imperial side of the civil war quests, DID NOT entered the hall and finished the main quest, THEN it crashed. hope it helps on reserach. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 01:27 on 27 January 2012

This same glitch happened to me. What I did was to go back to an earlier save where I was able to enter and exit Jorrvaskr with no problem. I then sayed in Whiterun fabricating and selling weapons and armor. Each day I would go back and enter and exit Jorrvaskr 3 or 4 times. Then all of a sudden it happened. I could not leave Jorrvaskr without getting booted out of the game. I was at level 44, I had not been on any of the Dark Brotherhood quests, there was no war going on between the Imperials and the Stormcloaks, I didn't join either of these factions, I did complete just about all of the Champions quests. And fortunately I did remove the Unusual Gem from the old man's room. I think that this glitch happens when your file gets too large. However, this may be different from PC to Console. I am on a PC and my son who plays Skyrim on a PS3 has no problem at level 48 leaving and entering Jorrvaskr, but he does experience other glithces that don't seem to affect me on my PC. -MAGMAG 00:15, 3 February 2012 (UTC)
(XBOX 360, 1.3 Patch) I completed the Companions' questline at Level 30. After that I had no reason to go back, but decided to revist Jorrvaskr at Level 74 so I can induct Vilkas into The Blades for Delphine's misc quest. Exiting Jorvaskr causes a brown screen to appear with the HUD intact and main menu still being accessible, though only the Map is available. All other options crash the game.
(XBOX 360, 1.4 Patch) I can confirm that the 1.4 Patch corrects this. Exiting through the main entrance and rear doors of Jorvaskr no longer crash the game. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 21:16 on 10 February 2012
After the 1.4 Patch the game still crashes when attempting to use either exit out of Jorvaskr. This is still an ongoing issue on the XBOX 360). — Unsigned comment by Gambrinus (talkcontribs) at 00:40 on 15 February 2012
Xbox 360 1.5 Patch, game still crashes upon exiting Jorrvaskr. I'm at level 81, but have had this problem since I completed the main companion questline. (Aron Sebastian 4/9/2012)

Safe Containers?[edit]

Are there any safe containers in Jorrvaskr? There's been no indicators of such like with the College of Winterhold. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 21:33 on 9 December 2011

I tried and lost some items. I would find another place to store my equipment until we have the Creation Kit to check for sure. --Orphanix 16:19, 11 December 2011 (UTC)
Once you become Harbinger, you have safe storage in the End Table downstairs at the far end of the living quarters next to the map table (NOT the one in the bedroom). You can also identify it as the one upon which sits a daedric heart on a plate. In the CK, the base item is CompanionsKodlakNightTable01, which is set to not respawn. I further tested this by placing several unique items in there; fast-traveled to Winterhold; WAITed 31 days inside the inn; fast-traveled back to Whiterun. All items were intact. (Game ver. --LazyAltmer 00:17, 5 March 2012 (UTC)

Jorrvaskr locked[edit]

It appears that Jorrvaskr's doors lock (and are unpickable) sometime during the Battle for Whiterun quest and unlock by the end of Rescue from Fort Neugrad. I think we should put this info on the Jorrvaskr page. Does anybody know the specific quest stages where they lock and unlock? Thundre 15:49, 19 February 2012 (UTC)

If you have sided with the Imperials, Jorrvaskr and the Underforge unlock early in the next Reunification of Skyrim quest (in my case, when begining, or perhaps just before stage 10 of A False Front on PS3). -nobody, 8 May 2010

Jorrvaskr weapon stands bugged ?[edit]

I noticed that - after I am declared Harbinger of the Companions - I am allowed to take pretty much anything I find in Jorrvaskr. This is also true for some weapons which are displayed in weapon stands in the hall. However, I am not allowed to _place_ any weapons in them. Also I cannot put the weapons back, after I took them out of the stands. Additionally, there are two weapons on the red weapon mounts on the columns of the hall, which I am not able to take. -- 14:30, 22 February 2012 (UTC)

Creation of Jorrvaskr[edit]

I've been trying to find information on when the companions were founded, when they built their hall, Jorrvaskr, and when Ysgramor and the 500 companions actually existed. I understand that we can't put a timeframe on the skyforge, since its origins are a mystery, but has anyone found any information on the dates for the aforementioned? Bushwhacker 23:36, 23 February 2012 (UTC)

Inaccessible Chest Under Floor of Jorrvaskr Interior[edit]

I was messing around with the TCL command in Jorrvaskr and noticed this chest under the floor. It's Full of many different types of weapons made of most of the available weapon materials. I'm using several mods and this could be a byproduct of the mods but I figured I'd throw this one out there.-- 15:12, 16 December 2012 (GMT)

It is most probably Eorlund Gray-Mane's merchant chest. ~ Psylocke 15:23, 16 December 2012 (GMT)

Oh joy the chest in kodlak's room is not for storing items[edit]

I just lost the Shield of Ysgramor when i stored it in there had no knowledge that this chest was not safe for storage it wasn't even addressed on here, but On the elder scrolls wikia they addressed it. — Unsigned comment by PrinceRetro (talkcontribs) at 22:04 on 18 June 2018

If you read the entirety of the page you will see that it is addressed. The infobox gives a respawn time, meaning that the location is unsafe for storage unless explicitly mentioned. There is a note that says there is only one safe container in the entire place, with a description of where it is. Nowhere does it say that the chest is safe, and because of that you should take it as unsafe. Assuming a chest in Jorrvaskr is safe just because it "doesn't mention it" is like assuming any random chest in any random dungeon is safe just because it doesn't mention it. Silence is GoldenBreak the Silence 21:30, 18 June 2018 (UTC)