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Cannot talk/interact with other NPCs[edit]

I am facing a bug in castle Volkihar where I cannot see the name or the talk option when I point at a vampire except Serana, all she says is"Have you talked to my father he wants to speak to you", I was to Speak to Harkon to begin PROPHET (DLC1VQ03Vampire). Tried every thing possible, loading previous save, disabling/enabling killing/resurrecting NPCs. I started the dawnguard and joined vampire lords, but moved to other quests after finishing the chalice quest, now I can't resume it. Note- I can talk to other NPCs elsewhere. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 17:04 on 19 August 2013

Sounds pretty odd. Is there a chance that you have a mod installed that could be causing this? --Xyzzy Talk 05:13, 20 August 2013 (GMT)
No mods. And never mind that, I fixed it. All I did was resurrect myself. Wasn't able to interact with vampires dead or alive. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 16:04 on 20 August 2013
I am having the same problem how would I be able to resurrect myself? — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 08:27 on 15 September 2013
I'm just guessing, but I think it means clicking on yourself (in third-person view), opening the console, and using the command resurrect. --Xyzzy Talk 13:49, 15 September 2013 (GMT)

Moth Priest always attack me ... PS3[edit]

ok so I'm just getting the mothe priest to fort dawngaurd and he always starts to attack me so I can't get on with the quest ... its really aggravating how do I get the moth priest to stop attacking me? — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 18:04 on 29 May 2013

It's a bit of a long shot, but you could try drawing your weapon, then sheathing it (the same way you surrender to attacking guards). Are you fast-traveling with him to the fort? If so, and he only turns aggressive once you fast-travel, you might try slow-traveling with him. --Xyzzy Talk 17:00, 30 May 2013 (GMT)
Also, check the Bugs section on his page and his quest page for some bug fixes that seem to be related to what you are experiencing. --Xyzzy Talk 17:34, 30 May 2013 (GMT)
this might be obvious (and probably already resolved), but in the quest, after you get rid of the barrier, the moth priest is supposed to attack you. just attack him until he surrenders. might not be the problem in this case, but just wanted to make sure if it's a bug or not. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 05:32 on 20 September 2013


It just occurred to me when I was looking at the DLC pages for Skyrim. Should the Notes section on this page be turned into a "Miscellaneous" section like on this page simply for continuity? To me it would look nicer if the DLC had similar pages. --Dotto88 (talk) 03:57, 26 October 2013 (GMT)

There are differences in the way the pages are set up due to Dragonborn having its own namespace (treated more like an "expansion") while Dawnguard and Hearthfire are just add-ons in the Skyrim namespace. If you compare to the Oblivion add-on pages, you'll see there's precedence for this. — ABCface 04:05, 26 October 2013 (GMT)
OK, thanks! --Dotto88 (talk) 04:22, 26 October 2013 (GMT)

Installing Dawnguard increases Difficulty?[edit]

Firstly, I play Skyrim on the xbox on Novice difficulty - chiefly because occasionally my son will take over and he prefers the easier settings (I am far too lazy to keep changing the setting, although I only really play upto Adept). I bought Dawnguard yesterday and it seems either my character has become a feeble weak-armed mess or the NPCs and various creatures have gotten stronger. My difficulty is set to Novice, and I changed it then set it back to make sure. Convinced that it was just me getting old, I did a little test in Embershard Mine with a new character. Each Bandit took at least 5 or 6 hits before going down, and at one point I almost died - embarressing to say the least. I made a save before I entered, and when I had finished running through with DG installed, I deleted it from my hard-drive. Running it again without DG, each Bandit fell before a third hit landed and a couple were even one-hit kills. Does Dawnguard increase the difficulty? If so, do I have to play without it to set it back? — Unsigned comment by ‎ Ramwolde (talkcontribs) at 09:53 on 4 December 2013

As far as I know, installing Dawnguard does nothing to affect the difficulty of enemies. There may have been a bug affecting your weapon damage that was patched by DG, but that's a complete guess on my part. --Xyzzy Talk 05:30, 5 December 2013 (GMT)

Dawnguard doesn't exist?[edit]

I created a new game on Skyrim recently and started playing through the main questline and got to a part I didn't feel like doing at the time. The last time I played I enjoyed playing the Dawnguard add-on. I had to use UESP to find where it was on my map, since it wasn't showing up. I traveled down to the area where Fort Dawnguard can be found, but the game wouldn't let me cross the threshold. It was like the other edges of the world, impassable. I saved my game and went to the opening menu. I checked the add-ons tab, and I saw Hearthfire, Dragonborn, and Dawnguard listed. Then my parents came home and reclaimed the TV, so I had to stop my investigation. Anyone know what the heck is happening? — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 19:35 on 19 March 2014

It would appear at a glance that it has not installed correctly. Once you reclaim the tv, delete the addon and redownload it. Silence is GoldenBreak the Silence 19:37, 19 March 2014 (GMT)
You can't directly travel to Fort Dawnguard (if not fast travelling), but have to go through the unmarked Dayspring Canyon cave entrance. --Alfwyn (talk) 19:51, 19 March 2014 (GMT)


 "...due to severe performance issues, it was February 2013 before it was released for the PS3."

This little bit of trivia would be infinitely more interesting if the page actually indicated when Dawnguard was released for Xbox. It's meaningless without that information. 07:06, 10 May 2014 (GMT)

True, and done. Silence is GoldenBreak the Silence 07:38, 10 May 2014 (GMT)

Starting Dawnguard[edit]

Will at least talking to the leader of the Dawnguard stop the vampires from attacking the cities? They keep killing NPC's and its very aggravating. I Always try to keep named NPC's alive to avoid bugs in quests. Cjesseg (talk) 00:04, 5 July 2014 (GMT)

The vampires will only officially stop attacking cities once the questline is complete. The Unofficial Dawnguard Patch does a few things to reduce the frequency a bit but other than that they'll continue to attack even after you talk to Isran. Zul se onikaanLaan tinvaak 14:02, 5 July 2014 (GMT)
So entirely complete every Dawnguard questline to completely stop any more vampire attacks in the cities. Excellent, thank you! Cjesseg (talk) 16:14, 5 July 2014 (GMT)
I did what I mentioned above and it seemed to work. I only spoke enough with Isran to start the very first quest and I stopped and continued other things. Not once did I encounter a vampire in the cities, and rarely on the streets. So either doing this drastically reduces the chance of encountering one in the cities or they stop entirely. Cjesseg (talk) 16:05, 9 July 2014 (GMT)

Moved from Article[edit]

  • NPC and player hair may glitch, change color, or even disappear. Restarting the console seems to fix this. ?

Moving this bug here since it's been unverified for so long (since the day the add-on was released), and it's unclear how this is specific to Dawnguard. --Oriwa Talk 01:20, 27 February 2021 (UTC)