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NPC_ records describe Non Player Characters.

Note: set of 4 at the bottom are optional but must come together if present and repeat often.

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID Editor ID zstring Editor ID
- VMAD Script Info struct Script info
+ OBND Object Bounds struct Always 12 bytes, even if 0
+ ACBS Character Base Stats struct 24-byte struct
uint32 Flags
0x01 - Female
0x02 - Essential
0x04 - Is CharGen Face Preset
0x08 - Respawn
0x10 - Auto calc stats
0x20 - Unique
0x40 - Doesn't affect stealth meter
0x80 - PC Level Mult
0x100 - Audio template? (not displayed in CK)
0x800 - Protected
0x4000 - Summonable
0x10000 - Doesn't Bleed
0x40000 - owned/follow? (Horses, Atronachs, NOT Shadowmere; not displayed in CK)
0x80000 - Opposite Gender Anims
0x100000 - Simple Actor
0x200000 - looped script? AAvenicci, Arcadia, Silvia, Afflicted, TortureVictims
0x10000000 - looped audio? AAvenicci, Arcadia, Silvia, DA02 Cultists, Afflicted, TortureVictims
0x20000000 - Ghost/non-interactable (Ghosts, Nocturnal)
0x80000000 - Invulnerable
uint16 - Magicka Offset
unit16 - Stamina Offset
uint16 - Level (if PC Level Mult false) or [PC Level Multiplier]x1000 (if PC Level Mult true)
uint16 - Calc min level
uint16 - Calc max level
uint16 - Speed Multiplier
uint16 - Disposition Base
uint16 - Template Data Flags (controls which parts of NPC Record are overwritten by the template)
0x01 - Use traits (Destructible Object; Traits tab, including race, gender, height, weight, voice type, death item; Sounds tab; Animation tab; Character Gen tabs)
0x02 - Use stats (Stats tab, including level, autocalc, skills, health/magicka/stamina, speed, bleedout, class)
0x04 - Use factions (both factions and assigned crime faction)
0x08 - Use spelllist (both spells and perks)
0x10 - Use AI Data (AI Data tab, including aggression/confidence/morality, combat style and gift filter)
0x20 - Use AI Packages (only the basic Packages listed on the AI Packages tab; rest of tab controlled by Def Pack List)
0x40 - (unused?)
0x80 - Use Base Data (including name and short name, and flags for Essential, Protected, Respawn, Summonable, Simple Actor, and Doesn't affect stealth meter)
0x100 - Use inventory (Inventory tab, including all outfits and geared-up item -- but not death item)
0x200 - Use script
0x400 - Use Def Pack List (the dropdown-selected package lists on the AI Packages tab)
0x800 - Use Attack Data (Attack Data tab, including override from behavior graph race, events, and data)
0x1000 - Use keywords
uint16 - Health Offset
uint16 - Bleedout Override
* SNAM Faction struct 8-byte struct
formid Faction (FACT)
int8 Rank - Few factions have RNAM entries for factions, so most are 0. Player factions are often -1.
int8[3] Unused
- INAM Death Item formid Death Item (LVLI)
- VTCK Voice Type formid Voice Type (VTYP)
- TPLT Template formid Base Template (NPC_ or LVLN)
+ RNAM Race formid Race (RACE)
- DEST Destruction Data struct Destructible object data
- SPCT Spell Count uint32 Spell Count
* SPLO Spell formid Spell (SPEL) or shout (SHOU)
- WNAM Worn Armor formid Skin (e.g., SkinAtronachFrost, SkinDragonPriest) (ARMO)
- ANAM Away Model Name formid Far away model skin (ARMO)
- ATKR Attack Race formid Override from Behavior Graph (creatures mostly but some nords etc - prob for unarmed) (RACE)
* ATKD Attack Data struct 44-byte struct (same structure as RACE record): override racial attack data for a given attack event
float - Damage Mult
float - Attack Chance
formid - Attack Spell
uint32 - flags:
0x01 - Ignore Weapon
0x02 - Bash Attack
0x04 - Power Attack
0x08 - Left Attack
0x10 - Rotating Attack
float - Attack Angle
float - Strike Angle
float - Stagger
formid - Attack Type
float - Knockdown
float - Recovery Time
float - Fatigue Mult
* ATKE Attack Event zstring event name
- SPOR Spectator Override formid Spectator Override Package List (FLST) of (PACKs)
- OCOR Observe Corpse formid Observe Dead Body Override Package List (FLST) of (PACKs)
- GWOR Guard Warn Override formid Guard Warn Override Package List (FLST) of (PACKs)
- ECOR Combat Override formid Combat Override Package List (FLST) of (PACKs)
- PRKZ Perk Count uint32 Count of PRKR records
* PRKR Perk Record struct 8-byte struct
formid (PERK)
uint8 Rank (no longer in use)
uint8[3] Unused - junk data?
+ COCT Count of Container uint32 Start of inventory - number of inventory "container" structures
Container Object struct 8-byte struct
formid Any item formid (WEAP/ARMO/ALCH)
uint32 Count
Owner COED See COED documentation
+ AIDT AI Data struct 20 byte struct
uint8 Aggression
0x00 unaggressive
0x01 aggressive
0x02 very aggressive
0x03 frenzied
uint8 Confidence
0x00 cowardly
0x01 cautious
0x02 average
0x03 brave
0x04 foolhardy
uint8 Energy
uint8 Morality
0x00 any crime
0x01 violence against enemies
0x02 property crime only cicero at the farm is the only one thus far
0x03 no crime
uint8 Mood
0x00 Neutral (UNDEFINED)
0x01 Angry
0x02 Fear
0x03 Happy
0x04 Sad
0x05 Surprised
0x06 Puzzled
0x07 Disgusted
uint8 Assistance
0x00 helps nobody
0x01 helps allies
0x02 helps friends and allies
uint8 flags
0x01 Aggro Radius Behavior (enables the following three values in the CK)
uint8 unknown - data here sometimes, may be junk
uint32 Warn
uint32 Warn/Attack
uint32 Attack
* PKID AI Package formid AI package (PACK)
- KSIZ Keyword Count uint32 Count of keywords
- KWDA Keyword Data formid[KSIZ] Keywords
+ CNAM Class formid Class (CLAS)
- FULL Full Name lstring Full (in-game) name
- SHRT Short Alias lstring if present used in Alias=?
+ DATA Marker 0-length 0-length, presumably to mark DNAM position
+ DNAM Skill/Stat Data struct 52-byte struct
18 × uint8 - Base skills in the following order
18 × uint8 - mod skill, same order as above
uint16 - calculated health (if auto-calc stats is on, otherwise seems to be random)
uint16 - calculated magicka (if auto-calc stats is on, otherwise seems to be random)
uint16 - calculated stamina (if auto-calc stats is on, otherwise seems to be random)
uint16 - unused?
float - Far Away Model Distance
uint8 - Geared Up Weapons
byte[3] - unused?
* PNAM Head Parts formid Head Part addons (hair, eyes, scars, etc) from HDPT
- HCLF Hair Color formid Hair color (CLFM)
- ZNAM Combat Style formid Combat style (CSTY)
- GNAM Gift Filter formid Gifts (FLST)
+ NAM5 Unknown short flags or marker, "always" FF-00
+ NAM6 Height float NPC Height Multiplier
+ NAM7 Weight float NPC Weight Multiplier
+ NAM8 Sound Level uint32 enum
0 - Loud
1 - Normal
2 - Silent
3 - Very Loud
* CSDT Sound Type uint32 enum
0 - Idle
1 - Aware
2 - Attack
3 - Hit
4 - Death
5 - Weapon
6 - Movement Loop
7 - Conscious Loop
Sound formid Reference to the sound to play. Tied to the latest CSDT.
Sound Chance uint8 Always follows a CSDI record. Chance (0-100) that the sound will play on the triggering event.
- CSCR Audio Template formid Inherit Sound From: (NPC_) to use as an audio template
- DOFT Default Outfit formid Default Outfit (OTFT)
- SOFT Sleep Outfit formid Sleeping Outfit (OTFT)
- DPLT Default Package List formid Default Package List (FLST)
- CRIF Crime Faction formid Crime faction (FACT)
- FTST Face Texture Set formid Face complexion (TXST)
- QNAM Skin Tone struct 12-byte struct
float R / 255
float G / 255
float B / 255
- NAM9 Face Morph Values struct 76-byte struct - 18 floats + 1 unknown. Listed below in order:
Nose Long/Short
-1 Short to 1 Long
Nose Up/Down
-1 Down to 1 Up
Jaw Up/Down
-1 Up to 1 Down
Jaw Narrow/Wide
-1 Narrow to 1 Wide
Jaw Forward/Back
-1 Back to 1 Forward
Cheeks Up/Down
-1 Down to 1 Up
Cheeks Forward Back
-1 Forward to 1 Back
Eyes Up/Down
-1 Down to 1 Up
Eyes In/Out
-1 In to 1 Out
Brows Up/Down
-1 Down to 1 Up
Brows In/Out
-1 In to 1 Out
Brows Forward/Back
-1 Back to 1 Forward
Lips Up/Down
-1 Down to 1 Up
Lips In/Out
-1 In to 1 Out
Chin Thin/Wide
-1 Thin to 1 Wide
Chin Up/Down
-1 Up to 1 Down
Chin Underbite/Overbite
-1 Overbite to 1 Underbite
Eyes Forward/Back
-1 Forward to 1 Back
unknown 4 bytes
4 Bytes
Unknown Value: Only ever 00 00 00 00 or FF FF 7F 7F
* NAMA Face Parts struct Face part presets (numeric, starting from 0)
Unknown, is set to -1 on most if not all humanoids
* TINI Tint Item uint16 Face Tint Layer (enumeration, values from 1 - 69)
- TINC Tint Color uint8[4] rgba Face Tinting Color - one after each TINI. Unclear if last byte is alpha. 00 in most records, FF in some.
- TINV Tint Value int32 100 * Interpolation Value - one after each TINC
- TIAS Unknown int16 Unknown - one after each TINV (values from -1 - 1234)