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Internally, all alchemy items (food, drinks, potions, and poisons), enchantments, ingredients, scrolls and spells derive from the same object, MagicItem, and thus share a similar structure.


  • Charge Time: The longest Casting Time of all of the effects.
  • Spell Cost: The total of all effect costs.
C Field Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID EditorID zstring Max 0x200 bytes, including null terminator.
+ OBND ObjectBounds OBND Always 12 bytes even if all 0s
- FULL FullName lstring Full (in-game) name
- MDOB MenuIcon formid Menu display object STAT
+ ETYP EquipType formid Equip slot EQUP
+ DESC Description lstring In-game description or 0 if none.
+ SPIT SpellItem struct 36 bytes
uint32 - Spell Cost (if auto-calc, game bases cost on the sum of the effect costs)
uint32 - Flags
0x00000001 - not Auto-Calculate
0x00010000 - Unknown1 (always set if Unknown2 is set)
0x00020000 - PC Start Spell
0x00040000 - Unknown2 (always set if Unknown1 is set)
0x00080000 - Area Effect Ignores Line of Sight
0x00100000 - Ignore Resistance
0x00200000 - Disallow Spell Absorb/Reflect
0x00400000 - Unknown3
0x00800000 - No Dual Cast Modifications
uint32 - Type
0x00 - Spell
0x01 - Disease
0x02 - Power
0x03 - Lesser Power
0x04 - Ability
0x05 - Poison
0x0A - Addiction
0x0B - Voice
float - ChargeTime (if auto-calc, game uses the maximum of the casting times of the effects instead)
uint32 - CastType
0x00 - Constant Effect
0x01 - Fire and Forget
0x02 - Concentration
uint32 - Delivery
0x00 - Self
0x01 - Contact
0x02 - Aimed
0x03 - Target Actor
0x04 - Target Location
float - Cast Duration - determines minimum duration of a Concentrated spell.
float - Range (valid for Delivery Target Actor or Target Location)
formid - PERK of half-cost perk
* Effects Effect[] One entry per effect.
+ EFID EffectID formid Magic Effect MGEF
+ EFIT EffectItem struct 12 bytes
float Magnitude
uint32 Area of Effect
uint32 Duration (0 = instant)

For auto-calc purposes, the game calculates the cost of an effect as:

effect_base_cost * (Magnitude * Duration / 10) ^ 1.1

A Magnitude < 1 is treated as 1, and a Duration of 0 as 10. For concentration spells, the Duration is also treated as 10.

* CTDA Conditions CTDA Conditions on the effect.