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KYWD forms define keywords. Keywords are used in many different record types as generic descriptors that the game can check for and can be just about anything including weapon materials, vendor items, and so on. Keywords can be checked for by scripts or in CTDA conditions, but several (like MagicDisallowEnchanting) are recognized by the game engine too.


C V Field Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorID zstring Max 0x200 bytes, including null terminator.
- CNAM color rgb Used to identify keywords in the editor.

Including Keywords[edit]

Objects which include KYWD usually do so in the following structure. If there are no keywords associated then both are omitted.

C V Field Name Type/Size Info
+ KSIZ KYWD count uint32 Total number of keywords.
+ KWDA KYWD formids formid[] End-to-end KYWD formids, numbering KSIZ uint32 in total.