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TXST records contain information on texture sets.

The TX?? subrecords usually occur in ascending order, starting with TX00. However, there seems to be no need for consecutive numbering. For example, the sequence of subrecords can be TX00, TX01 and TX03, omitting TX02.

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorId zstring Editor id
+ OBND unknown ubyte[12] Object Boundary
int16 - X1
int16 - Y1
int16 - Z1
int16 - X2
int16 - Y2
int16 - Z2
+ TX00 texture00 zstring texture path, color map
- TX01 texture01 zstring texture path, normal map (tangent- or model-space)
- TX02 texture02 zstring texture path, mask (environment or light)
- TX03 texture03 zstring texture path, tone map (for skins) or glow map (for things)
- TX04 texture04 zstring texture path, detail map (roughness, complexion, age)
- TX05 texture05 zstring texture path, environment map (cubemaps mostly)
- TX06 texture06 zstring texture path Multilayer (does not occur in Skyrim.esm)
- TX07 texture07 zstring texture path, specularity map (for skinny bodies, and for furry bodies)
- DODT struct Decal Data
float - Min Width
float - Max Width
float - Min Height
float - Max Height
float - Depth
float - Shininess
float - Parallax Scale
ubyte - Parallax Passes
ubyte - Flags
0x01 - Parallax (enables the Scale and Passes values in the CK)
0x02 - Alpha Blending
0x04 - Alpha Testing
0x08 - not 4 Subtextures
ubyte[2] - unknown but not neverused
rgb - Color
+ DNAM ushort flags
0x01 - not Has specular map
0x02 - Facegen Textures
0x04 - Has model space normal map