Stendarr's Hammer
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Skyrim:Stendarr's Hammer (item)

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Artifact: Stendarr's Hammer (FExxxd62)
(lore page)
Type Two-handed Warhammer
Added by Stendarr's Hammer
Editor ID ccBGSSSE006StendarsHammer
Damage Damage 28
Damage Damage 28 {{{health}}}
Speed 0.6
Speed 0.6 Reach 1.3
Weight Weight 100 Value Value 4575
Quality Tempering Ebony Ingot, Flawless Sapphire
Quality Tempering Ebony Ingot, Flawless Sapphire Perk Ebony Smithing
Damages the target for 22 points. Depletes 20 Stamina from wielder per hit.
Charge/Cost = Uses 3000/26=116
Stendarr's Hammer

Stendarr's Hammer is a unique Warhammer associated with the deity Stendarr. The hammer is acquired through a quest which involves stealing it from the Dwemer Museum in Markarth. Its enchantment causes respectable damage to the target, but drains stamina from its wielder.

Tempering Stendarr's Hammer requires an ebony ingot, a flawless sapphire, and the Arcane Blacksmithing perk. It is particularly notable for its extreme weight (slightly more than three times the weight of a Dragonbone Warhammer,DG which has the same base damage), giving it an incredible power attack stamina cost in addition to its base Stamina cost enchantment.

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  • Stendarr's Hammer previously appeared in Tribunal, where it was too heavy and fragile to be used as a feasible weapon.