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This page documents the new items added by the Staff of Hasedoki Creation.


Title (ID) Author Description Location
Ivara's Notes
Ivara of Olenveld Journal of a necromancer hoping to gain power from the Ideal Masters
Smuggler's Ledger
The log of a smuggler's deliveries
Smuggler's Trade Notes
A smuggler's notes about a recent trade and a competing buyer


Title (ID) Author Description Location
Arkay the Enemy
KW Instructions for the faithful to foil Arkay
The Light and the Dark
Irek Unterge A Breton man describes the Light and the Dark to his two grandchildren
To Raise the Living
Shagrub Gilgar A descendant of Koffutto Gilgar tells her son about Hasedoki


Name (ID) Type Tempering Weight Value Damage Enchantment Acquisition Notes
SR-icon-weapon-Staff of Hasedoki.png Staff of Hasedoki
Staff (?) 8 1000 0 If target dies within 60 seconds, fills a soul gem. Knocks back the target on impact. While not attacking, creates a ward that protects against spells for up to 40 points. (?) (?)