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Skyrim:Smuggler's Ledger

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Book Information
Added by Staff of Hasedoki
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Found in the following locations:
Smuggler's Ledger
The log of a smuggler's deliveries

Dozen bottles of skooma

Delivered to:
Delvin Mallory, Riften

Smuggler's Fee:
Fifty septims and a favor. Knowing Delvin, the discount is worth it, at least this time around.

Staff of Hasedoki, void salts, soul gems, bonemeal

Delivered to:
Ivara of Olenveld and Lushak gra-Ragdam, Brittleshin Pass

Smuggler's Fee:
Just gold and gems for now. It was tough sneaking in some of the items on the list, but the zombie lovers were happy with the haul. They say they're trying to open a portal to something called the Soul Cairn. If there's loot to be had inside, it might be a good idea to line up some buyers.

Cane, book

Delivered to:
Bandits, White River Watch

Smuggler's Fee:
Hajvarr paid with a dagger and some farmer clothes with the blood still on it. The cane was a foot short, but it serves the bastard right for not paying in gold. I told him if he wants better service, he's going to have to learn how to fight with his eyes open.