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Skyrim VR box art
Developer Bethesda Softworks
PlayStation VR
Release Date
17 November 2017
Release Date
3 April 2018

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is a virtual reality version of Skyrim Special Edition designed for use with virtual reality headsets. It initially launched on PlayStation VR on 17 November 2017 and later came to PC via SteamVR on 3 April 2018 with support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality. Similar to the normal Special Edition, Skyrim VR includes all three DLCs.

Gameplay Differences[edit]

  • Skyrim VR places you within the 3D environment. Your player character is represented by two disembodied hands (or sometimes two controllers) which are manipulated by the handheld controllers.
    • The PC version allows for third person mode, although this is not available in PSVR.
  • The main menu is replaced with an interior playroom area where you can test out the VR controls. It is a grassy cave with waterfalls, ruins, dummies, and test objects. You start the game in front of a large Skyrim logo on a pedestal.
  • If enabled, combat requires you to physically use your hands to swing your weapon, block, cast a spell, or draw and release your bow. Equipping a held item will cause it to replace your disembodied hand.
  • Movement controls are available for swimming and sneaking.
  • Most mods and save games from the Special Edition are compatible with Skyrim VR. SKSE-dlls are a possible exception.
  • There are two new Settings menus, VR and VR Performance:
    • VR settings: Turning Mode, Snap Transition, Angle Snap Amount, Rotation Speed, Movement Mode, Compass Position, Main Hand, Height, Movement Speed, Crosshair, Physical Sneaking, Realistic Swimming, Realistic Shield Grip, Realistic Bow Aiming, FOV Filter While Turning, FOV Filter While Moving
    • VR Performance settings: Quality Preset, Supersampling, Dynamic Resolution, Shadow Quality, Shadow Distance, Rain Occlusion, Temporal AA, Foliage Shadows, Disable Model LODS, Disable Tree LODs, Tree LOD Distance, Skinned Trees, Animated Trees, Actor Fade, Item Fade, Object Fade, Grass Fade
  • Creation Club content is not available in Skyrim VR.
  • Achievements and trophies are tracked separately for Skyrim VR and do not carry over from the original game or from the Special Edition.
    • Similar to the Special Edition, achievements are disabled when Skyrim VR is loaded with mods. However, the use of console commands does not disable them.
  • Similar to the Special Edition, Skyrim VR does not have Steam trading card support. The "Cozy Cottage" Skyrim VR items are not available in-game and were released as part of the Steam Winter Sale 2018 event.
  • The boat ride scene when arriving on Solstheim for the first time is not included in Skyrim VR.


# of Zones 1
Console Location Code(s)
The Main Menu in the Playroom

The Playroom is the main menu for Skyrim VR. It is a playable space that you can explore, complete with an archery range to practice the new ranged combat. To return to the main menu, simply return to the large Skyrim logo in the center of the playroom.

When first launching Skyrim VR, you will be walked through a tutorial to help set up your VR controller and comfort options. You spawn at the bottom of the small cave, in front of some Dwemer ruins. You are given the option to choose your dominant hand. This determines many things like what sticks control your movement, and what hands your weapons are placed in. By default, teleportation movement is enabled. You are tasked with teleporting over to the Steed Stone in front of you. Once you reach the stone, you can choose between teleportation or direct movement. Your next objective is to cross a small bridge next to a waterfall to reach the Thief Stone. Once there, you can choose your preferred turning style between snap turning and smooth turning. From here, you are free to make your way to the main area in the center of the cave. Heading directly to the Skyrim logo on the pedestal in the middle of the room will bring up the main menu where you can start your game. Alternatively, you are free to be distracted by the archery range on your right, next to some Nordic ruins. On a table, you will find a bow with infinite arrows and an archery range with three target dummies at various distances. Picking up the bow triggers a message box that teaches you how to use the bow in VR. It is recommended to practice your aim if you are new to virtual reality.

  • Your character in the playroom uses the default player model, a male Nord.
  • The playroom can be disabled by adding bLoadVRPlayroom=0 under [VR] in SkyrimVR.ini. This may be required if using certain third party mods that run startup scripts.
  • The playroom is also used by the game to calculate the player's height. Disabling the playroom also disables physical sneaking.


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