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Assassinate Anoriath to complete a Dark Brotherhood contract.
Quest Giver: Nazir
Location(s): Whiterun
Prerequisite Quest: Kill Hern, Kill Lurbuk, Bound Until Death (Start)
Next Quest: Kill Agnis
Concurrent Quest: Kill Deekus, Kill Ma'randru-jo
Reward: Leveled gold
ID: DBSideContract08
Anoriath lets loose an arrow

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Get your orders from Nazir.
  2. Kill Anoriath.
  3. Return to Nazir.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

When you receive this contract from Nazir, he says Anoriath is a hunter who hunts on the plains outside Whiterun. However, prolonged stalking reveals that he does not in fact leave the city. During the day he works at his stall in the market, and at night he retires to The Drunken Huntsman, which is run by his brother, to sleep. Your best bet to take him out without a bounty is to either shoot him during the day from a remote spot such as Jorrvaskr, or to sneak into his bedroom at night and slit his throat. However, both are very difficult to do without incurring a bounty, so plan for this.

As third option; when Anoriath is working his stall, go straight behind him and climb the rock until you reach the walls corner. Time an Illusion Frenzy or one-shot bow attack properly (meaning no guards patrolling the road to your left when facing Anoriath), and you will incur no bounty.

Alternatively, like most other assassination targets, you have the option to talk to Anoriath, which gives you three dialogue choices, one of which will turn Anoriath hostile, allowing you to kill him anywhere without fear of incurring a bounty (except if you initiate conversation outside, say at his stall, and then he retreats somewhere inside, like The Bannered Mare, in which case, he will cease to be hostile and it will be considered murder to kill him then). You can only pick one as you will not be able to initiate conversation again.

Topic Dialogue Response
(Remain silent) "Well now, you are a strange one. You remind me a bit of myself, when I'm stalking a deer. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that..." Walks away
"I am the predator. You are my prey." "Is that so? We shall see, villain. We shall see!" Turns hostile and attacks
"Only cowards hunt animals. True game walks on two legs." "Are you... threatening me? Walk away fool. It's not worth it." Walks away

Once Anoriath is dead, return to Nazir. Upon rewarding you with leveled gold, Nazir will remark "Ah, so the hunter came to know the fear of the hunted, hmm?".


Levels Reward
1-9 250
10-19 400
20-29 500
30-39 600
40+ 750


  • Regardless of whether you are caught killing Anoriath or not, your relationship with his brother, Elrindir, will be lowered by two points. If you have the Poisoned perk, this can be avoided by reverse-pickpocketing potions of Frenzy on to Anoriath. He will then assault other NPCs who will kill him in self-defense. If you're a member of Companions you could lure him in Jorrvaskr, they'll deal with him. If you'll speak with Anoriath in The Drunken Huntsmen and Jenassa is sitting there, she'll kill him after he turns hostile. In all of such cases, because the player technically did not kill Anoriath they will not receive a reduction in Elrindir's disposition towards them.

Quest Stages[edit]

Contract: Kill Anoriath (DBSideContract08)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I must kill the archer Anoriath, who can usually be found at his food stall in Whiterun, or hunting in the plains outside the city. I may use any means at my disposal. When I am done, I am to report back to Nazir at the Sanctuary and collect my reward.
Objective 10: Kill Anoriath
Objective 20: Report back to Nazir
200 ☑Finishes quest Anoriath is dead, and I have collected my reward from Nazir at the Sanctuary.
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 0, 255.
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Conc: Kill Deekus, Kill Ma'randru-jo
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