Skyrim:Kill Agnis

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Assassinate Agnis to complete a Dark Brotherhood contract.
Quest Giver: Nazir
Location(s): Fort Greymoor
Prerequisite Quest: Kill Deekus, Kill Ma'randru-jo, Kill Anoriath
Next Quest: Kill Maluril, Kill Helvard
Reward: Leveled gold
ID: DBSideContract09
Suggested Level: 6
Your target is on contested ground

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Nazir.
  2. Kill Agnis.
  3. Return to Nazir.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After speaking to Nazir, you are told to locate and assassinate a target known as Agnis. She can be found inside the keep of Fort Greymoor which is west of Whiterun. The fort is initially garrisoned by bandits, whom you can either sneak past or kill. However if you have advanced far enough in the civil war quest line (beyond the Battle for Whiterun), it is garrisoned by soldiers of whichever faction controls Whiterun - your faction, that is, making the assassination much easier. Either way, Agnis is easily found inside the keep and, having only a dagger and some modest clothing for protection, is equally easy to kill.

If you approach Agnis before you kill her, you will receive three dialogue options; you will only be able to choose one as you can not initiate conversation with her again. Note that none of these dialogue options will cause her to become hostile.

Topic Dialogue
(remain silent) "I swear, you people are an odd bunch. Please, just step aside, that I may return to my duties!"
"Sleep now, old woman. Embrace the Void." "Sleep? I can't sleep now! There's too much to be done. And what's this Void you're rambling on about?"
"You've cleaned your last room, servant." "But I have many more rooms to clean. Fort Greymoor is quite large, and rather filthy if I do say."

After the kill, report back to Nazir for a leveled gold as a reward.


Levels Reward
1-9 250
10-19 400
20-29 500
30-39 600
40+ 750


  • When receiving payment for the finished job, Nazir will say "Infiltrating an occupied fort and making it out in one piece is nothing to joke about. Well done.", but his voice dialogue actually says "Infiltrating an occupied military fort and making it out in one piece is nothing to joke about. Well done."

Quest Stages[edit]

Contract: Kill Agnis (DBSideContract09)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I must kill the old woman Agnis, who serves as a servant in Fort Greymoor. I may use any means at my disposal. When I am done, I am to report back to Nazir at the Sanctuary and collect my reward.
Objective 10: Kill Agnis
Objective 20: Report back to Nazir
200 ☑Finishes quest Agnis is dead, and I have collected my reward from Nazir at the Sanctuary.
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 0, 255.
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