Skyrim:Hrothmund's Barrow

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Nordic Ruin:
Hrothmund's Barrow
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 10
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2HrothmundsBarrow01, DLC2HrothmundsBarrowExterior01
West-southwest of Benkongerike
Ore Veins
# of Silver 1
# of Gold 1
Hrothmund's Barrow

Hrothmund's Barrow is a small uninhabited cavern located west-southwest of Benkongerike. It contains the axe belonging to Hrothmund.

During the Retaking Thirsk quest you are sent here to witness a ritual that confirms the leadership of the Nords living in Thirsk Mead Hall after you have helped clear it of rieklings.

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To the right of the entrance is an unlit brazier. In the open area in front of the entrance there appears to be a path marked out with large square stones leading to Benkongerike and to the northwest from here. They may have been pillars at one point. There are two sapphire geodes to the northwest of the barrow with a frost troll nearby. There is a second frost troll to the northeast between here and Benkongerike.

Hrothmund's Barrow[edit]

The main chamber, submerged
Hrothmund's Axe

The entrance leads into a natural cave with three patches of fly amanita fungus, one on the right, a second in front of a gold ore vein, and a third to the left of a flight of stone stairs leading up in front of you. At the top of the stairs on the right is a lit brazier and beyond that is a concealed door with the chain to open it on the left. Through this there is a tunnel that twists and turns and in places has shallow water. At the other end is a second concealed door with a chain on the right. Through this door is a shallowly flooded room and on your immediate left as you enter is a silver ore vein. Opposite the door is an unlocked chest with a burial urn to the left and in front of this is a large coin purse, three loose coins, a flawless garnet, an amethyst, and a flawless emerald.

Back in the antechamber and through the unlocked double iron doors is a room with a flight of stairs leading down into a flooded room. As you move down the stairs the water will drain from the room revealing two paths, one to either side of a large stone carving with two lit braziers lighting the room. The paths rejoin and lead to the far end of the room, up a flight of stairs to a raised section containing a stone with Hrothmund's Axe stuck in it. In front and to either side are two unlocked chests.


  • There is a leveled chest with a random sword next to it above a waterfall accessible from the northwest of the barrow. From the second sapphire geode move due north to find it.
  • There is a silver ore vein, a corundum ore vein, and two sapphire geodes southeast of the barrow.
  • This location also appeared in the Bloodmoon expansion for Morrowind.
  • Hrothmund's Axe is not an actual weapon and cannot be obtained by any means.