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Skyrim:Manic Elytra Nymph

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Manic Elytra Nymph (RefID: xx001005)
Location Saints Bandit camp near North Brittleshin Pass
Species Frostbite Spider Soul
Level 1 Type Monsters
RefID xx001005 BaseID xx000CBB
Other Information
Health 15 Magicka 4
Stamina 25
Manic Elytra Nymph

The Manic Elytra Nymph is one of two friendly Elytra Nymphs that you can obtain as pets, the other being the Demented Elytra Nymph. It is found in an Adept-locked cage in a Saints Bandit camp west of the entrance to North Brittleshin Pass. The key to the cage can be found in a nearby chest.

Each day you may harvest one sample of Mystic Venom from your Elytra pet, a poison which damages an enemy's health and magicka. You can also use the Elytra to carry items, although it only has a carrying capacity of 20. Additionally, the Manic Elytra Nymph can be asked to provide a magical bonus to you and nearby allies, rallying you and fortifying your health and stamina by ten points for five minutes.

Elytra's Uplifting AuraTargets won't flee for 5 minutes and get extra health and stamina.

Related Quests[edit]


You can ask the Elytra various questions when you first meet it, but it will only respond in squeals.

If the Manic Elytra Nymph is the first Elytra pet you've met:

A bug? Did the bandits lock you up?
Are you okay? Did they hurt you?
Aren't you an adorable little bug! I wonder why they kept you caged.
You're a weird one. But still only the third strangest thing I've met this week.
A giant bug crab? I really need to stop drinking skooma.

Alternatively, if you've already found the Demented Elytra Nymph:

Another bug! The bandits must have caged you too.
Hey there little guy, you aren't hurt, are you?
You're the second bug of your kind I've come across recently.
You look like another creature I found caged. It was equally repulsive.
Easy now, bug. I've killed weirder things than you, so don't bite me.

Afterwards, you can say:

Do you want to come with me?
I can't just leave you here. Maybe you could follow me?
Still, I wouldn't mind keeping you as a pet. What do you say?
I think you're kind of cute. Do you want to be my pet?
Well, you're free. Good luck out there.

Finally you can say:

All right, let's go.
On second thought, never mind.

You can give the Elytra instructions while it is your follower.

Dialogue Result
Wait here. The Elytra waits in the designated location, but still acts as your follower.
I need you to carry something... Opens the Elytra's inventory and allows you to store or retrieve items.
Wait for me in the city... Shows a list of cities you can choose to tell the Elytra to wait in.
Wait for me at home... Shows a list of owned houses you can choose to tell the Elytra to wait in.
I need some help in battle! Grants Elytra's Uplifting Aura.
Let's harvest some venom. Gives you Mystic Venom once per day.
Stay here. This is your new home. The Elytra stops following you and waits in the designated location.


  • Both Elytras won't be revealed by the effects of Aura Whisper, Detect Life or Detect Dead.
  • The Elytra will not have the dialogue option to tell it to wait or return home, etc.