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Skyrim:Bone Forge

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The Bone Forge

Gallows Hall's main feature is the Bone Forge. This forge can be used at any level to create a permanent undead follower that cannot be dismissed.

Result Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Notes
Skeleton Bone Meal Greater Soul Gem
Boneman Bone Meal Greater Soul Gem Frost Salts
Mistman Bone Meal Greater Soul Gem Soul Husk
Wrathman Bone Meal Greater Soul Gem Frost Salts Soul Husk Ancient Nord Helmet

Any other combination results in a dead skeleton.


  • The summoned minion does not count towards your maximum number of summons, meaning you can get a free permanent follower by using the forge.
  • The minions do not regenerate health and are protected, being downed when their health is too low instead of being outright killed. They can be healed by using the Necromantic Healing and Heal Undead spells.


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