Skyrim:Blacksmithing Tutorial

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Learn the basics of smithing.
Quest Giver: Radiant
Location(s): Radiant
Reward: Products of Smithing
ID: TutorialBlacksmithing
A typical forge

Radiant Options[edit]

This is a radiant quest which you can receive from any of the following people.

QuestGiver QuestGiverHome
Adrianne Avenicci Warmaiden's (Whiterun)
Alvor Alvor and Sigrid's House (Riverwood)
Lod (see Bugs) Lod's House (Falkreath)

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Forge an iron dagger at the forge.
  2. Temper the iron dagger at the grindstone.
  3. Craft leather at the tanning rack.
  4. Craft a hide helmet at the forge.
  5. Temper the hide helmet at the workbench.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Craft a Dagger[edit]

Take the iron ingot and the leather strips from the quest giver and then use the forge to create an iron dagger. As soon as the dagger is crafted, return it to the quest giver. Now they will ask you to sharpen the dagger with another iron ingot. Go to the grindstone and sharpen the iron dagger, and present it to the smith.

Craft a Helmet[edit]

Secondly, they will ask you to craft some leather. Go to the tanning rack and craft leather, and again speak to the quest giver. Now you have to create a hide helmet at the forge. Take the supplies you are given and use the forge to create the helmet, and then return to the smith.

Lastly, you have to temper the helmet. Use the workbench to improve the hide helmet further, and return to the quest giver to complete the quest. They will allow you to keep the helmet and dagger that you have created as a reward.


  • Because this quest has a lot of objectives that can be completed very quickly, it is very useful if you are trying to earn the Hero of the People achievement.


  • Do not try to sharpen the blade or temper the helmet before you are told to, as the objective can not be completed until then. You will need to get another iron dagger or hide helmet to complete it.
  • Lod was supposed to be able to offer this quest as well, but he was left out of the quest condition formlist.

Quest Stages[edit]

Blacksmithing Tutorial (TutorialBlacksmithing)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 10: Craft an Iron Dagger
Objective 10: Craft an Iron Dagger
Objective 10: Craft an Iron Dagger
Objective 20: Bring an Iron Dagger to <Alias=QuestGiver>
Objective 30: Temper an Iron Dagger
Objective 40: Bring a Tempered Iron Dagger to <Alias=QuestGiver>
Objective 50: Craft some Leather
Objective 60: Bring the Leather to <Alias=QuestGiver>
Objective 70: Craft a Hide Helmet
Objective 80: Bring a Hide Helmet to <Alias=QuestGiver>
Objective 90: Temper a Hide Helmet
Objective 100: Bring a Tempered Hide Helmet to <Alias=QuestGiver>
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 110, 200.