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Skyrim: Akatosh's Talon

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Unique Item: Akatosh's Talon (xx(?))
Type Two-handed Warhammer
Added by Civil War Champions
Editor ID (?)
Damage Damage 27
Damage Damage 27 {{{health}}}
Speed (?)
Speed (?) Reach (?)
Weight Weight 31 Value Value 4000
Tempering Steel Ingot
Tempering Steel Ingot Perk Steel Smithing
Burns the target for 50 points. Targets on fire take extra damage:
Akatosh's Talon

Akatosh's Talon is a unique warhammer. It is acquired through the Battle of the Champions quest. If you are on the Stormcloaks side, it will be used by the Imperial Champion and can be acquired after defeating him, however, if you are on the Imperial's side it will be given to you to use against the Stormcloak Champion.

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