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Location Gandranen Ruins, The Blasted Breton (post-quest)
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild (formerly)

Zahra is a Khajiit treasure hunter and former member of the Mages Guild found in Gandranen Ruins. She is searching for an Ayleid artifact called the Crown of Ascension.

After helping Zahra find the Crown of Ascension, she can be found at The Blasted Breton inn in Alten Corimont. She tells you that the crown was appraised by Captain One-Eye's associates and that there is an interested buyer for it in Morrowind.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you approach her, she will standing over a dead mummy:

"Not there, like it was scraped out with some kind of tool. Magic of some kind it must be."

You will startle her initially. She is in the delve in search for the Crown of Ascension so she can sell it to the highest bidder:

"Rajhin's shadow! Zahra thought you another monster, coming up to ….
Do not surprise Zahra again!
What are you doing?
"Zahra asks you that question! Skulking about, sneaking up. Announce yourself next time. Zahra might have clawed you to shreds. What would you do then?
Jekos … I thought you were one of them!"
One of them?
"This place crawls with Fenlords' servants, left behind when they created the Crown of Ascension.
Zahra came here looking for it, but did not expect so much resistance. You will help, yes? Zahra will make it worth your while!"
I'll help.

After agreeing to help her, she can give more background on the crown and the Fenlords:

"Step lightly! Fenlords do not keep lazy servants. They could be on us in a flick of a tail!"
What is the Crown of Ascension?
"Some say it is a tomb where the Fenlords encased themselves in ice to wait out the long ages! Others suggest a jewel-encrusted crown that reveals all places and possibilities at once!"
The Fenlords?
"Ayleid necromancer kings who once ruled Black Marsh. When their slaves rose against them, the Fenlords had them executed and revived as undead.
Preserved against the ages, they toil even now, protecting the tombs of their long-dead masters."
What happened to them?
"Unknown. Some say they created the Crown of Ascension and left Nirn forever. Others claim they were overwhelmed by Alessia's rebellion.
What matters to Zahra is finding the Crown of Ascension, obtaining it, and getting out of here alive. A fine goal, no?"
What was the Crown's purpose? / What do you think it is?
"Does it matter? It is old and very well guarded! If we gain it, we will be renowned! If it is powerful, we become powerful!
Whatever happens, our names will be sung throughout the ages! Is this not a worthy goal?"
What will you do if we find it?
"If it is big, leave it and sell the location to any who would have it. If it is small, take it and find the highest bidder!
If it is powerful … well, some things are best kept to oneself, yes?"
What's in it for me?
"As companion to famous Zahra, a share in my fame, of course! But you mean compensation, yes? Zahra has a cache reserved for this very thing.
Do not worry, you will be paid well!"
Who are you?
"As you see. Zahra is Zahra. Joined the guild, but that wasn't for me. Too much sitting and waiting for orders—bah! Alkosh waits for no one, why should Zahra?"
Which guild?
"Mages, to find things that are hidden. They have the most exquisite libraries in Dune—row after row of books. It's easy to see how things become lost!
Then again, there is a guild for that too …."
What do you mean?
"Just as one finds things that are lost, another may lose things that are found. There is profit in both! Neither much tolerates the competition."
What were you doing when I found you?
"Studying the dead. Learning more about them. They have no minds, yes? Nothing to fill the space between the ears. Replaced with magic, old magic.
Fortunately there are ways around that …."
What do you mean?
"Even in death, the Fenlords distrust their servants. To guard against rebellion, they inserted control icons into the heads of their arisen slaves.
Zahra found one. With it, I hoped to gain passage through this place, but its magic is stale.
"Does not work well. Magic has faded, yes? It is enough to stop one of these monsters in its tracks, but only for a time.
Zahra was barely able to overcome the one at our feet. This is why I need your help.
May I have the stone?
"With regret, no. Zahra is very clever but not so strong. If the Moons do not smile on us, this stone may be Zahra's only escape."
[Intimidate] Do you think I can't handle myself? Give it to me and I'll get us through this.
"If you think it best, Zahra agrees. Your help is needed to supplement Zahra's cleverness."

Intimidating her will result in her giving you the Fenlord Icon, which will temporarily stun the ancient mummies found throughout the ruins when used.

While she is following, she will comment on the environment:

Zahra: "Do you feel that? Like ice running down Zahra's back … care is needed!"
Zahra: "Wrongness surrounds us. Step softly!"
Finding the Crown of Ascension

When you find the Crown:

Zahra: "There!"

She will give you your reward and bring the crown to Alten Corimont:

"Zahra was worried for a moment, but we've done it. The Crown of Ascension is ours!"
What now?
"Travel to Alten Corimont to have it appraised. Surely Zahra has dealt with Captain One-Eye in the past. She is wily, but Zahra is her match.
Here is compensation for your efforts. Rest assured, you will be remembered when Zahra tells the tale!

After the quest, you can speak to her in Alten Corimont:

"Ah, my friend! Captain One-Eye's compatriots had the Crown of Ascension appraised! Its enchantments are much diminished, but still worthy of study. They even found a buyer in Morrowind!
Such songs they will sing of us! May Khenarthi's breath carry them far and wide!"