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Help find a powerful Ayleid artifact.
Zone: Shadowfen
Quest Giver: Zahra
Location(s): Gandranen Ruins
Reward: Looter's Helm
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Zahra in front of the Crown of Ascension
Zahra, a Khajiit investigating Gandranen Ruins, has asked for my assistance.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Zahra.
  2. Find the Crown of Ascension.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Find Zahra, a Khajiit treasure hunter, just west of the delve's entrance. She stands over a body of an Ayleid mummy, and is rather startled when you approach her, "Rajhin's shadow! Zahra thought you another monster, coming up to .... do not surprise Zahra again!"

What are you doing?
"Zahra asks you that question! Skulking about, sneaking up. Announce yourself next time. Zahra might have clawed you to shreds. What would you do then?
Jekos ... I thought you were one of them!"
One of them?
"This place crawls with Fenlords' servants, left behind when they created the Crown of Ascension.
Zahra came here looking for it, but did not expect so much resistance. You will help, yes? Zahra will make it worth your while!"
I'll help.
Close up of the artifact

With you agreeing to help Zahra, she reminds you to be careful, "Step lightly! Fenlords do not keep lazy servants. They could be on us in a flick of a tail!" You can then ask her further questions about the artifact, and about herself.

What is the Crown of Ascension?
"Some say it is a tomb where the Fenlords encased themselves in ice to wait out the long ages! Others suggest a jewel-encrusted crown that reveals all places and possibilities at once!"
The Fenlords?
"Ayleid necromancer kings who once ruled Black Marsh. When their slaves rose against them, the Fenlords had them executed and revived as undead.
Preserved against the ages, they toil even now, protecting the tombs of their long-dead masters."
What happened to them?
"Unknown. Some say they created the Crown of Ascension and left Nirn forever. Others claim they were overwhelmed by Alessia's rebellion.
What matters to Zahra is finding the Crown of Ascension, obtaining it, and getting out of here alive. A fine goal, no?"
What do you think it is? / What was the Crown's purpose?
"Does it matter? It is old and very well guarded! If we gain it, we will be renowned! If it is powerful, we become powerful!
Whatever happens, our names will be sung throughout the ages! Is this not a worthy goal?"


  • You can intimidate Zahra to provide assistance when searching for the crown. She will then give you Fenlord Icon which can be used to stun an enemy for a short time.

Quest Stages[edit]

Riches Beyond Measure
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I agreed to help locate the Crown of Ascension. According to Zahra, the route is dangerous, but the rewards greatly outweigh the risk.
Objective: Find the Crown of Ascension
Hidden Objective: Triggered First Ward
Hidden Objective: Reach the Second Passage
Hidden Objective: Reach the Third Passage
Hidden Objective: Triggered Both Traps
☑Finishes quest We found the Crown of Ascension. I should talk to Zahra to see what's next.
Objective: Talk to Zahra
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