Ascending Tide


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Location Coral Aerie — Coral Cavern
Species Sea Sload
Health Normal3,367,972Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile

Z'Baza is a Sea Sload sorceress imprisoned in Coral Aerie. She serves as the final secret boss of the dungeon.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Mental Manipulation
Causes pearls (Alchemical Globules) to explode if it strikes a player target. Pearls moved by Mental Manipulation move more quickly or more slowly according to how far the pearl is from where it is going.[verification needed — May function differently than described here] (They move faster in Hard Mode)
Mind Blast
A beam of energy channeled at her antennas that shoots at a player.[verification needed — May function differently than described here] Z'Baza can now use abilities sooner after casting Mind Blast, and used more often in Hard Mode
Summon Tendril
(?) Mind Blast can be used much sooner after a Conduit Tendril is destroyed.
{{huh|Annihilate damage now increases in lethality much quicker. stuns in Hard Mode.
Riptide Summons
[verification needed — correct name?] Z'Baza summons Yaghra Striders and Spewers when she summons Alchemical and Radiant Tendrils in Hard Mode.
Summon Shade


When the Sword Guardian is defeated, she will appear as a projection and say one of the following:

Z'Baza: "Such exquisite relief, to think again. I owe you a boon, creature. Take this. I promise much more for my freedom."
Z'Baza: "An unexpected gift, creature. Here is one in return. There will be more, if you continue to loosen these terrible bonds!"
Z'Baza: "Ah, after all those ages ... to what do I owe this favor? Here, creature. A sample of what awaits you if you continue as you have."

Upon leaving the Coral Cavern:

Z'Baza: "Go, creature, and look for my sigil. Mark it, and my servants will come to your aid."

Returning to the Coral Cavern to defeat the Staff Guardian:

Z'Baza: "You return, creature. Come, free me from my ruin and reap the rewards!"

When the Staff Guardian is defeated, she will say one of the following as she returns back as a projection:

Z'Baza: "After all this time, a glimmer of my former puissance returns to me. And a portion to you, as gratitude."
Z'Baza: "Such a formidable creature. Perhaps you have no need for my gifts, but I offer them all the same."

Upon leaving the Coral Cavern:

Z'Baza: "Onward and without fear, creature. In times of great need I will save you from peril."

Returning to the Coral Cavern to defeat the Shield Guardian:

Z'Baza: "The time is nigh, at long last. Break my chains!"

When the Shield Guardian is defeated, she will appear again in projection form and say one of the following:

Z'Baza: "Sand beneath. Coral above. It is good to … be … again. Yet still, imprisoned. Release me from it, creature, and receive your final gift."
Z'Baza: "My spiracles breathe in the damp once more and it ... is glorious. Use this power, and break the final ward!"

Upon leaving the Coral Cavern:

Z'Baza: "Along your path I leave tokens of my gratitude. Gather them unto yourself and reap their blessings."

Once Varallion is defeated, a Projection of Z'Baza will appear and speak to you.

Z'Baza: "Good. An aperture opens between you and I. Come to me."

From there, she can be spoken to through her projection for more information. She will say one of the following:

"I am free once more. You have my thanks, creature—champion—and all the riches I can muster. Sparse, though they may be."
"You are smaller than expected. Though it's of little surprise that the magics that kept imprisoned from reality warped my perception of it."

Either way, you can ask:

Who are you?
"Ha! Creature, that question would have held meaning an eon ago. I have been drawn so far from who and what I was as to have rendered such concepts meaningless.
For now, I am your benefactor and beneficiary both. Until Thras lies before me again."
How did you get here?
"I do not know. Memories of my capture have been … excised.
This place's architecture suggests Aldmer, but the magic tastes different from Summerset's dwellers, new and old."
What does it taste like?
"Fresh waters. Distilled. Pure … and empty. Like nothing I've ever encountered before—and I have seen much.
Whoever wove this spell intended it to last an eternity. It felt as such. But I am nearly free, thanks to you. Deliver me, creature."
How can I free you?
"The rift before you leads to the final lock upon my prison. Compared to the wards and guardians you've already defeated, it will be a trivial task, but necessary for my release."
Why should I release you?
"Do you believe anyone should languish as I have? Have I not shown you my gratitude and aided your own plight? Perhaps I was too trusting, to grant you my power before my release.
Will you really turn your back on me when you have everything to gain?"

When you enter the portal to free Z'Baza. She will call you out to free her by standing on the platforms holding her prison:

Z'Baza: "Yes! All of you now! Quickly!"

Once you all step onto the platforms:

Z'Baza: "Ha! Hahaha! At last!"

However, she will quickly betray you by taking away all the powers she bestow upon your group:

Z'Baza: "Creatures, you have done well! And all that was yours…is now mine."

Combat begins:

Z'Baza: "I never expected you to go without a fight. Good! Let us see who is stronger!"
Z'Baza: "So bold! Yes! Test my strength! Feel it bear down upon you like the weight of a thousand seas!"


Z'Baza: "I have endured too long to meet my end now!"

When you defeat her:

Z'Baza: "How? How are you so strong? How can you do this to me?"


There is one Achievement associated with this creature.

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Time Served.png Time Served 10 Find and release the prisoner in the depths of Veteran Coral Aerie.
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