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Y'ffre's Path
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Spirit Mote Crocodiles, Spirit Mote Spiders, Spirit Mote Wasps, Spirit Mote Wolves, Stranglers
Y'ffre's Path Ruins: Ascendant Blackguard, Ascendant Darkbow, Ascendant Knight, Ascendant Shadowcallers, Firesong Fenwitch, Firesong Rockseer, Firesong Vinecallers, Forest Wraith, Summoned Spirit
Central Galen
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The Eldertide druids keep the grounds of Y'ffre's Path free of any outside influence. In this sacred area, animals are docile and the Eldertide brook no unwelcome intrusions.
Y'ffre's Path Ruins: "This section of Y'ffre's Path has been sealed away for centuries. Few druids alive today have even a slight inkling as to what this area was used for or what may still lurk in its depths.
Y'ffre's Path

Y'ffre's Path is a sacred Eldertide Circle site in central Galen. The area is covered in a thick fog caused by spirit motes, which have turned on the Eldertide residents and made the normally docile wildlife aggressive.

Y'ffre's Path Ruins can be visited during The Ivy Throne. The Chronicle's Tunnels are visited during A Heart Turned Black.

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Y'ffre's Path
Druid Coletta
Druid Didier
Druid Henyra
Druid Senna
Druid Vitache
Elder Gwenaelle
Elder Pitof
Y'ffre's Path Ruins
Captain Za'ji
Druid Laurel
Druid Ryvana
Lady Arabelle Davaux
Lord Bacaro Volorus

Appears during The Ivy Throne.



  • According to the description of Eldertide Body Ink, Archdruid Alix was the founder of Y'ffre's Path.
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