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Nord nautical entrepreneurs—"sea raiders" to those they "do business" with—find a place in every northern port where they can exchange their ill-gotten cargo for gold. Local back-alley footpads also find the outlaws refuge convenient.
Outlaws Refuge:
Windhelm Outlaws Refuge
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Ebonheart Pact
Windhelm Outlaws Refuge

Windhelm Outlaws Refuge is an outlaws refuge found beneath Windhelm.

Second entrance outside the city

An access to the hideout can be gained through a trap door hidden behind the Anvil & Pauldron smithy. Another entrance is located on the outskirts to the south of the city, across the bridge.

The Windhelm Hideout

Inside, near the eastern entrance, a book, Enduring Nord Society, can be read. A vendetta journal, found at the booth of Lugdakh the Gutworm, judging by the dialogue, belongs to him.

Residents and Vendors[edit]


A map of Windhelm Outlaws Refuge

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