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Usquebald Emax
Home City Evermore
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Usquebald Emax

Usquebald Emax is a Breton found in the city of Evermore. He is standing near the docks and can be seen bantering with Garel Green-Garters:

Garel Green-Garters: "I can't believe I bought one of those imperial spies a drink!"
Usquebald Emax: "Me neither! You should have known better when he started mouthing off about how Cyrodilic ales were the best in Tamriel."
Garel Green-Garters: "Well I ...."
Usquebald Emax: "Or when he started whispering about how the Queen wasn't fit to rule."
Garel Green-Garters: "But I ...."
Usquebald Emax: "Or when he started handling out pamphlets about the benefits of being an Imperial territory."
Garel Green-Garters: "Ugh ... I always thought I was so perceptive."
Usquebald Emax: "Garel, you know I love you like a sister, but you're about as perceptive as an elf with cropped ears."