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Garel Green-Garters
Home City Evermore
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Garel Green-Garters

Garel Green-Garters is a Bosmer found in the city of Evermore. She is patrolling the road just south of the docks and can be seen bantering to Usquebald Emax.


After the Imperial sabatours have been dealt with in Evermore:

Garel Green-Garters: "I can't believe I bought one of those imperial spies a drink!"
Usquebald Emax: "Me neither! You should have known better when he started mouthing off about how Cyrodilic ales were the best in Tamriel."
Garel Green-Garters: "Well I …."
Usquebald Emax: "Or when he started whispering about how the Queen wasn't fit to rule."
Garel Green-Garters: "But I …."
Usquebald Emax: "Or when he started handling out pamphlets about the benefits of being an Imperial territory."
Garel Green-Garters: "Ugh … I always thought I was so perceptive."
Usquebald Emax: "Garel, you know I love you like a sister, but you're about as perceptive as an elf with cropped ears."