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Ulphroth Grubnose
Home Settlement Windcatcher Plantation
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Easy Profession Laborer
Ulphroth Grubnose

Ulphroth Grubnose is a Bosmer laborer working on the Windcatcher Plantation near the Great Tree.


Before the Great Tree is helped, he will occasionally talk with Halitazi-dra about the recent problems.

Halitazi-dra: "Over here!" or "What are you doing, Grubnose?"
Ulphroth Grubnose: "Coming!"
Ulphroth Grubnose: "There's no change, auntie. The sickness is spreading."
Halitazi-dra: "Tell the spinner she must do something. It can't spread to the plantation!"
Ulphroth Grubnose: "She's doing all she can. I'm sure of it."

After the problem is fixed, Grubnose can be spoken to.

"Just got to clear away this brush before auntie gets mad. Thank Y'ffre that foul green stuff is gone!"