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Home Settlement Windcatcher Plantation
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Alchemist

Halitazi-dra is a Khajiit alchemist who can be found at Windcatcher Plantation.


Before the Great Tree is helped, she will occasionally talk with Ulphroth Grubnose about the recent problems.

Halitazi-dra: "Over here!" or "What are you doing, Grubnose?"
Ulphroth Grubnose: "Coming!"
Ulphroth Grubnose: "There's no change, auntie. The sickness is spreading."
Halitazi-dra: "Tell the spinner she must do something. It can't spread to the plantation!"
Ulphroth Grubnose: "She's doing all she can. I'm sure of it."

Once you have helped heal the Great Tree, she will recognize you.

"I heard a stranger helped save the Great Tree. Thank you!"

Additionally, she will occasionally wander over to the ledge and look down at the shore.

Halitazi-dra: "Looks like the spinner's gone down to the beach."