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Twitch integration for Elder Scrolls Online was announced on May 16, 2018. It allows you to obtain promotional in-game rewards for using Twitch.

In order to receive the promotional rewards, you must first go to and link your ESO account with your Twitch account. Once this is done, any rewards you receive will be delivered in-game. Account linking is currently only available for PC/Mac.

Twitch Drops[edit]

Twitch Drops is a major promotion for ESO, offering in-game rewards for watching the game on Twitch. The promotion went live on May 22, 2018.

To receive drops, you must watch certain "supported streams" on Twitch. If you receive a drop, you will be notified via email (it will say "code redeemed"; you do not need to do anything with this code as the crate has been added to your account.) Depending on how drops are set up for that particular stream, it may be during the stream or after it ends.

Only one drop is available: an Ouroboros Crown Crate. See the Crate article for more information on the potential rewards you can receive when opening one of these Crates.


Extensions are tools that Twitch streamers can apply to their streams. Bethesda has created their own which is enabled during major streaming events such as expo presentations. In addition to various interactive functions made available during the stream, watching with the extension enabled also often provides promotional in-game rewards for viewers. This requires viewers to link their ESO account to Twitch; accounts can also be linked to receive rewards for other games such as Legends.

To ensure that the extension is enabled, you can click the puzzle piece icon in the bottom right corner of the stream. Note that extensions may not be supported on all platforms; it is recommended to view it on PC.

To date, there have been several promotional rewards offered through the Twitch extension for various events:

Prime Loot[edit]

ESO has occasionally offered promotional rewards as part of Prime Gaming (previously Twitch Prime):

Games on Twitch[edit]

Beginning on May 21, 2018, ESO products were available for purchase through the Games on Twitch online store. Specifically, the following products were available:

Making any ESO purchase through Twitch would reward you with a "Twitch Crate" containing various digital items for your Twitch account as well as an Ouroboros Crown Crate. However, ESO Plus was significantly more expensive to buy through Twitch for customers located outside the US.

The Games on Twitch service was discontinued on November 27, 2018.


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