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ON-card-Ouroboros Crate Back.png

Ouroboros Crates (previously called Welkynd Ouroboros Crates) are promotional Crown Crates which can be obtained through Twitch. Unlike Seasonal Crates, they mostly contain consumables, with a low chance of obtaining an exclusive collectible.

The Crates first became available on May 22, 2018. The promotion is exclusive to PC/Mac, although a limited number of Ouroboros Crates were also given to console players in July 2018 due to a bug with that month's daily rewards.

Apex Rewards[edit]

ON-card-Senche of Scarlet Regret.png
Senche of Scarlet Regret
ON-card-Senche Cub of Scarlet Regret.png
Senche Cub of Scarlet Regret

Duplicate Apex rewards grant 00132132 Crown Gems from extraction.

Legendary Rewards[edit]

ON-card-Grand Gold Coast Experience Scroll.png
Grand Gold Coast
Experience Scroll
ON-card-Instant All Research, Major.png
Instant All Research, Major

Duplicate Legendary rewards grant 0003333 Crown Gems from extraction.

Epic Rewards[edit]

0004040 Crown Gems
ON-card-Instant All Research.png
Instant All Research
ON-card-Major Gold Coast Experience Scroll.png
Major Gold Coast
Experience Scroll

Duplicate Epic rewards grant 0001313 Crown Gems from extraction.

Fine Rewards[edit]

ON-card-Crown Combat Mystic's Stew.png
Crown Combat
Mystic's Stew
ON-card-Crown Lesson - Riding Capacity.png
Crown Lesson:
Riding Capacity
ON-card-Crown Lesson - Riding Speed.png
Crown Lesson:
Riding Speed
ON-card-Crown Lesson - Riding Stamina.png
Crown Lesson:
Riding Stamina
ON-card-Crown Repair Kit.png
Crown Repair Kit
ON-card-Crown Soul Gem.png
Crown Soul Gem
ON-card-Crown Stout Magic Liqueur.png
Crown Stout
Magic Liqueur
ON-card-Crown Vigorous Ragout.png
Crown Vigorous Ragout
ON-card-Crown Vigorous Tincture.png
Crown Vigorous Tincture
ON-card-Gold Coast Experience Scroll.png
Gold Coast Experience

Unwanted Fine Rewards grant 00001Crown Gems from extraction.

Common Rewards[edit]

ON-card-Crown Lethal Poison.png
Crown Lethal Poison (25)
ON-card-Crown Mimic Stone.png
Crown Mimic Stone
ON-card-Crown Tri-Restoration Potion.png
Crown Tri-Restoration
ON-card-Gold Coast Debilitating Poison.png
Gold Coast Debilitating
ON-card-Gold Coast Draining Poison.png
Gold Coast Draining
ON-card-Gold Coast Enfeebling Poison.png
Gold Coast Enfeebling
ON-card-Gold Coast Spellcaster Elixir.png
Gold Coast Spellcaster
ON-card-Gold Coast Survivor Elixir.png
Gold Coast Survivor
ON-card-Gold Coast Swift Survivor Elixir.png
Gold Coast Swift
Survivor Elixir
ON-card-Gold Coast Trapping Poison.png
Gold Coast Trapping
ON-card-Gold Coast Warrior Elixir.png
Gold Coast Warrior

Unwanted Common Rewards grant 00001Crown Gems from extraction.