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Treethane Bowenas
Home Settlement Greenhill
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Treethane Bowenas

Treethane Bowenas is a Bosmer and the leader of the town of Greenhill. Her husband is Halindor.

If you help Greenhill before arriving in Dune, she'll be there to greet you: "Thank you for your help in Greenhill."

Related Quests[edit]


Enter Ezreba's house and you'll find the treethane under the influence of a red crystal:

"Please … help me."

Destroy the crystal and Balras will appear and warn:

Balras Arenim : "You're too late! The Stonefire burns brightly! The Dro-m'Athra are unbound and they shall destroy you!"
"What … what was that? Thank you for saving me. Did Halindor send you?"
He did. He's looking for you as well. What happened?
"Ezreba's been talking to me for days about wanting to set up statues, art pieces, in the center of town. They're ugly and have these crystals. Anyway, when she came to talk to me today, she didn't come alone."
People in hoods?
"Yes. They were very threatening. And when Halindor showed up, they attacked me. Dragged me down here. Ezreba apologized the entire time. She said she didn't want to be doing this."
Where did she go?
"She kept talking about the temple ruins. Something about the ruins being the source … she was beside herself. She kept saying 'just don't hurt him.' I don't know. I'm sorry, everything happened so fast."
I'll find her.
"Find that Khajiit! I can't believe she'd turn on her own like this!"
Halindor said he'd just returned from business?
"Ha. "Business." Every few weeks Halindor volunteers for Rawl'kha's run. He goes off, sells our goods to the first peddler he sees, and heads to Hadran's with the coin.
Let me guess, he was drunk when you got to town?"
[Lie] No, he was just very concerned about you.
"Hmm. He keeps telling me he's trying to change. I guess he's finally gotten serious about his responsibilities. Good to hear, in the midst of all this."
Yes, he was pretty drunk.
"I knew it. He came back to town sloshed, and it's only dumb luck these whatever-they-are didn't get him too. I love that man, but the Green knows he tests me."
What's so special about this ruin?
"I have no idea! It's a tumble-down, old temple to the Divines, left over from the Colovian days. Just a big empty shell and the old catacombs. A greenshaper came through town a few years ago and worked her magic on it. She found it depressing."
Have you seen these people before?
"I think so. They're probably … about a week ago, pilgrims began passing through town every day. Some of them asked about the ruins. I didn't think much of it, honestly. I should have paid more attention."
Halindor said people in town have been acting strangely?
"He's right about that. He mentioned it offhand before he left for Rawl'kha. I didn't think much of it, just figured he was drinking again.
But now … did you see that spirit thing? Are those things inside my neighbors?"

Return with Ezreba to see justice and you'll find Halindor and the treethane near the center of town:

"You've brought Ezreba out of the darkness. Well done. And those spirits seem to have gone back to wherever they came from. What did you do?"
I killed the cultists and stopped their rituals.
"Very well done! It seems that you have saved us, and perhaps all of Reaper's March, from a terrible fate. You are welcome here in Greenhill any time."
You're welcome.
"There are still matters that must be considered."
"Halindor's made it clear to me that Ezreba didn't help the cultists willingly. But I still believe she should be punished. There is a part of me that feels she should be banished from Greenhill."
What does the other part think?
"That she should be set to bury those we've lost. Community service to ensure this never happens again.
You've done so much for us already … but I need your help. Talk to the people of Greenhill, see what they say. Then help me decide."
I'll speak to the villagers.
"There is still the matter of Ezreba to consider. She betrayed the people of this village. And she's been a good friend for years. I honestly don't know what to do."

Gather the opinion of the townsfolk and return with your decision:

"It's amazing to think Ezreba was involved in all this. She's such a part of this community."
You said you can't decide, but … what do you think should be done with her?
"That's why I need your council, my new friend. Ezreba has been instrumental in Greenhill's success. The town would not be what it is today without her. I … do not know what to do."
I'm ready to make my decision.
"Are you certain you've spoken to everyone you need to? I don't want to make this decision lightly."
On second thought, I'm going to need another moment.
"Very well. Take all the time you need to make this decision. I'll need your council."
I'm certain, Bowenas.
"Very well. What have you decided? What do you say we should do with Ezreba?"
[Service] Ezreba was coerced, and the villagers will forgive her. She should stay.
"Indeed. For all you've done for our little community, you have my thanks. You are most welcome in Greenhill, from this day forth."
[Banishment] The villagers will never trust Ezreba again. She should be banished.
"Indeed. For all you've done for our little community, you have my thanks. You are most welcome in Greenhill, from this day forth. I hope future days here will feature less heartache and sorrow."

After completing the objective:

If you agreed to forgive Ezreba, she'll say:

"Thank you for your able council. May bright moons light your path as they light Ezreba's path to forgiveness."

If you had her banished:

"Thank you for your able council. May bright moons light your path."

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