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Tree Spirit
Location Cave of Sorrows
Species Spriggan
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Tree Spirit

The Tree Spirit is a spriggan spirit found in Cave of Sorrows. It previously inhabited the Strange Sapling outside, but Merethrin's spell backfiring caused her lifeforce to be forced out of it.

Related Quests[edit]


When you enter the cave, the Tree Spirit will call out as she notices your arrival:

Tree Spirit: "What life comes to witness my sorrow?"

You can then have a conversation with her:

"Dark. Cold. Dry. Worse than death this prison is. But my bindings cannot be broken like a dead branch.
There is no escape, no release."
Are you related to the talking tree outside?
"Yes. That tree is me. Or rather it is the life form in which I was the life force.
But another came and by foul magics took my place. Merethrin the mage. He cursed us both."
How did you become cursed?
"No details do I know, only that by arcane ritual did Merethrin pervert the natural order, binding me here and him there.
I to lose my body and he to lose his mind."
Is there any way to reverse the curse?
"This I never knew and Merethrin will not recall. He was a revered member of the Mages Guild in Shornhelm. Perhaps answers are there to this question. Or perhaps not."

If you speak to her again, she will say:

"More than what I have said, I do not know. If the curse can be reversed, so relieved I would be."

Once you return after investigating Merethrin's notes:

"You've returned. I did not expect this. Dare I hope, though? Do you know the means by which I might be released?"
Merethrin's notes said this elemental dust would reverse the spell.
"Then delay no longer. Any thirst I once felt for life has long since faded. All I seek now is the peace of death.
Though I want to despise the mage for what he did, I feel more pity than hate. I hope this gives him release as well."

After the crystals in the cave are destroyed she will say "Peace at last." before fading away.