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Discover why the dead have risen from St. Pelin's Graveyard.
Zone: Bangkorai
Objective: Pelin Graveyard — Discover what's behind the dead rising from their graves.
Quest Giver: Lort the Gravedigger
Location(s): Pelin Graveyard
Reward: Crozier of St. Pelin
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
ID: 302 (Old)
2930 (New)
Father Quiston prepares for the consecration of Prince Adrien
Corpses are crawling out of the ground at Pelin Graveyard and taking up arms. Prince Adrien was to be entombed here.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find Prince Adrien's corpse.
  2. Investigate the royal crypt.
  3. Extinguish the blue flames.
  4. Talk to Dame Valyrie Spenard at the south monument.
  5. Defeat the spirits defiling the monuments.
  6. Return to Father Quiston at the church.
  7. Cleanse the mausoleums.
  8. Talk to Dame Valyrie.
  9. Get the key for the church.
  10. Defeat Preinrha

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

The Waking Darkness
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start Upon seeing the dead rising, the gravedigger abandoned Prince Adrien's corpse. I've agreed to venture into the graveyard and find it.
Objective: Find Prince Adrien's corpse
The prince appears to have been resurrected. The knight at his side says it's a miracle. I should speak with the prince.
Objective: Talk to Prince Adrien
The resurrected prince asked me to investigate the royal crypt to see if any of his ancestors have risen as well.
Hidden Objective: Enter the Royal Crypt
Objective: Investigate the Royal Crypt
While investigating the royal crypt, I heard a strange voice come from one of the candles nearby. I should see if it was real, and if so, what it has to say.
Objective: Examine the Candle Holder
A voice in the royal crypt says the prince has been resurrected by Arkay himself, so that he may lead an army of undead against his enemies. I should relay this message to the prince.
Objective: Talk to Prince Adrien
The resurrected prince asked me to speak to the last knight that remains at his side, Dame Valyrie. He wants me to tell her what the voice in the crypt said.
Objective: Talk to Dame Valyrie
Dame Valyrie believes the strange blue flames around the crypts are inciting the undead to violence. She gave me some holy water to douse the flames, in the hope that it will pacify the undead
Objective: Extinguish the Blue Flames
I've extinguished more of the blue flames with holy water, and I should now meet Dame Valyrie by the south monument, where she thinks she saw someone "skulking around."
Objective: Meet Dame Valyrie at the South Monument
While I was dousing the blue flames with holy water, Dame Valyrie seems to have found a priest. I should ask her what he said.
Objective: Talk to Dame Valyrie
The priest didn't respond to Dame Valyrie. She suggested I approach him and find out what he knows about the undead rising here.
Objective: Talk to the Priest
The priest is skeptical that Prince Adrien was risen as the result of a blessing from Arkay. The priest has asked me to defeat the dark spirits defiling the monuments in the graveyard and then meet him at the church where he will examine the prince.
Objective: Defeat the Defiler at the West Monument
Objective: Defeat the Defiler at the North Monument
I defeated the dark spirits that were defiling the monuments and I should now meet the priest, Dame Valyrie, and Prince Adrien at the church.
Objective: Meet Father Quiston at the Church
It seems the priest has somehow angered Prince Adrien. I should watch to see what happens.
Objective: Listen to Prince Adrien
It seems that Father Quiston has questions about the prince's "blessed" resurrection. I should speak with Dame Valyrie to find out what happened.
Objective: Talk to Dame Valyrie
It's become clear that the force behind the undead rising in the graveyard is somehow corrupting the resurrected prince. Father Quiston suggested I use holy water to cleanse the mausoleums to see if that might have any effect on the prince.
Objective: Enter the Mausoleums
Upon entering a mausoleum, the same strange voice I spoke to before announced its presence. I should speak to it and find out what its true intentions are.
Hidden Objective: Mausoleum
Objective: Talk to the Blue Flames
I spoke to the strange voice again, and it accused me of betraying the prince. I should finish cleansing the mausoleums and then return to the church.
Objective: Cleanse the Mausoleums
Now that the mausoleums are cleansed, I should return to the church and speak to Dame Valyrie to find out if it had any effect on the prince.
Objective: Talk to Dame Valyrie
The resurrected prince has barricaded himself inside the church. I need to find a way into the church to try to help him. Perhaps Father Quiston knows another way to get in.
Hidden Objective: Collect Key
Objective: Find a Way into the Church
I've made my way into the church. I need to find out what's become of the prince.
Objective: Investigate the Church
The resurrected prince is kneeling at the altar in the church and appears to have been possessed by the evil spirit I spoke with before. I should speak with the prince to find out if there's anything I can do.
Objective: Talk to Prince Adrien
After speaking with the resurrected prince inside the church, the evil possessing him revealed its true nature. I need to kill it to send it back to Oblivion, where it belongs.
Objective: Destroy Preinrha
I've destroyed the evil spirit that possessed Prince Adrien. I should speak with the prince now to find out how he feels.
Objective: Talk to Prince Adrien
Prince Adrien has accepted that the force that brought him back from the grave is a force of evil and corruption. I should stay and watch the priest return him to rest.
Objective: Wait for Prince Adrien to be Put to Rest
☑Finishes quest The prince is dead and put to rest. I should talk to Dame Valyrie and see what she plans to do next.
Objective: Talk to Dame Valyrie
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