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Location Pelin Graveyard
Species Harvester
Health 133844 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile

Preinrha is a harvester found at the Pelin Graveyard. She is the one responsible for the recent uprising of the dead

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

As they are considered elite enemies, harvesters are immune to all forms of crowd control effects.

The harvester shoots a blue orb towards the player as a basic ranged attack. This attack does minor magical damage and snares the player.
Black Winter
The garvester winds up and releases three rows of hands that travel along the ground. This attack does high magical damage, and should be interrupted or avoided. Since this attack is fired in the direction the harvester is facing, a player can easily avoid this attack by standing behind or beside the harvester.
The Feast
When hurt, the Harvester will grab the player's essence and attempt to steal it. When grabbed, the player will take moderate magical damage and be briefly stunned. The player may break free from this. Four Feast orbs will then appear around the Harvester and move towards it. If an orb touches the Harvester, it will be healed. To prevent this, the player must destroy the orbs before they reach the harvester. Each orb will also heal the player when destroyed.


During The Waking Darkness, Perinrha will speak to you several times - but never in her true form:

Mysterious Voice

She will first contact you while you search the Royal Catacombs.

Mysterious Voice: "This tomb was built to hold royal remains, but none remain within."

The voice will appear to come from a blue-flamed candle:

"The remains of the royal family have vacated this place. They return to the land of the living to follow the anointed and to avenge their bloodline.
Prince Adrien is the anointed. He too has been blessed to rise again."
Where did this blessing come from?
"Arkay himself, of course. His church sits nearby; these grounds are consecrated in his name.
This was foreseen. Death denied the prince from defeating Evermore's enemies, but the anointed shall now command an army of the dead."
Are you certain that's truly Arkay's will?
"A mortal cannot hope to understand the will of the divine.
You must simply tell him to trust the power with which he is imbued. His destiny will unfold as he trusts his instincts."
"I'll tell him what you've said.'
Blue Flames

When you go into the tombs to cleanse them, you will be contacted again. The voice now annoyed that you are working against its' wishes.

Blue Flames: "Why do you work against me? Would you have the prince spurn this blessing?"
"The priest fears the unknown. That is why he refuses to acknowledge the gift the prince has been given.
But why do you submit to this priest's direction? Are you a coward, or do you just prefer not to think for yourself?"
If this is a blessing from Arkay, shouldn't a priest of Arkay recognize it?
"The priest is blinded by his preconceptions of power. This is a blessing for all of Bangkorai. What matter is it whether it comes from Arkay or some other source?
The prince can sense the truth. He will give himself over to it soon enough."
Not if we remove the source of the corruption.
"You regard power and opportunity as corruption? Such has always been the perspective of small minds. I thought you understood, but it is clearly beyond your comprehension.
Very well. You've chosen your destiny."
Possessing the Prince

The third and final time Preinrha will speak to you is within the church, using the prince as a mouthpiece:

"And the thorn in my side returns. Your prince has accepted the gift I offered. He is a visionary. He sees beyond convention.
But what about you? Do you still question the value of my blessing?"
What have you done to the prince?
"He suffered enough in life. In death, I am giving him the glory he deserves.
I told him, by giving in to my guidance, together we could purge this land of all of our enemies. He was willing to make this sacrifice. You should honor his decision."
You deceived him. He thought you were a god!
"I may not be a god, but with the strength of the prince's soul, my powers are considerable.
Come. See for yourself!"