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Help put a spirit's mind to rest.
Zone: Shadowfen
Objective: Forsaken Hamlet — Discover what happened in the forsaken hamlet.
Quest Giver: Tree-Minder
Location(s): Forsaken Hamlet, Camp Merciful Reduction
Reward: Bogstaff
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Restore the Forsaken Hamlet's Hist tree
Mystery surrounds Forsaken Hamlet. An Argonian tree-minder lies murdered at the edge of her village.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Examine the Tree-Minder.
  2. Search for the lost items.
  3. Reach the Tree-Minder's hut.
  4. Subdue the Argonian spirits.
  5. Reach the Hist tree and talk to Tree-Minder Deyapa.
  6. Destroy the Hist sap containers.
  7. Return to Deyapa at the base of the Hist.
  8. Defend the Hist tree.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Upon approaching any entrance to Forsaken Hamlet, you'll find a slain Argonian tree-minder. Inspect the body to begin the quest. Near her corpse lies three objects: an ancient book cover, the headpiece of a staff, and a broken key-ring. You decide to find the missing pieces of the objects and investigate the village.

Head through the tunnel. The village's Hist is in poor shape; its branches are devoid of leaves and it's shriveling up. In the hut immediately to the southeast, you'll find the ancient book sitting on a table. Inspect it.

<Though charred and ragged, these pages match the size of the cover found on the tree-minder's corpse.>
<Closely examine the book.>
<Most of these pages are too charred to read, but the rest reveal day-to-day snippets of a peaceful hamlet untouched by war or tragedy.>
<Though diverse hands penned this book, the most recent entries were written by Tree-Minder Deyapa.>

The broken staff haft is in a hut to the north, wedged into a campfire. Examine it.

<At first glance, this haft appears to be an ornately-carved piece of wood. Its headpiece is missing.>
<Closely examine the staff.>
<The staff was organically formed, not carved.>
<It was evidently shaped by magic, nature, or some other unnamed force.>

Finally, you'll find the broken key in a hut to the west, inside of a small bag.

<This old bag holds a large iron key.>
<Closely examine the key.>
<This key obviously unlocks something large, judging from its size.>
<Several of the Argonian huts scattered through the village have heavy doors. This key probably works with one of them.>

After you've picked up all three items, Tree-Minder Deyapa's spirit will appear and accost you. Speak to her. She thinks you're a scavenger that's come to loot the abandoned village. She doesn't believe you when you tell her you're trying to figure out what happened. However, she still tells you about how the Aldmeri Dominion came by to tap the Hist tree. When the villagers refused to allow the Dominion to take their Hist's sap, the Dominion slaughtered everyone and drained the tree anyways. The Tree-Minder explains that because the Hist has been drained, her people have nowhere to go in death. She and the people of the Forsaken Hamlet are trapped on the mortal plane. She tells you to meet her in her hut if you truly wish to help.

The spirit will vanish in a flash of light, and hostile Histshades will appear outside. Fight through them, or sneak around them, and get to Deyapa's hut near the center of the hamlet. Speak to her. She tells you that the spirits outside are the result of the Dominion's meddling. The villagers' current undead state of existence is unnatural, and the Tree-Minder would like your help remedying it. She has a small amount of power left, and you have her staff. She needs you to charge the staff by subduing some of the spirits outside and absorbing their energy. She might be able to restore the Hist this way.

Head outside and engage Histshades in combat. When a Histshade is knocked down to about 75% health, you'll get an activation prompt to "Use Tree-Minder's Staff." Do so for six Histshades, and then meet Deyapa at the Hist tree and speak to her.

Tree-Minder Deyapa will attempt to return the hamlet's spirits to the tree. However, she is interrupted. She screams in agony and bursts into flames. Speak with her. She says that the tree is in pain; the Dominion is burning its sap at their |camp north of the village. Her people's souls are bound to the Hist. She describes their souls as made from the Hist sap. Because the Hist is in pain, so are her people. The spirits will go mad if nothing is done.

The Dominion has stored the stolen Hist sap in four containers at their outpost to the north. Interact with each container to burn it. Then, return to Tree-Minder Deyapa and speak to her. Note that other players may involve themselves in what comes next, leaving Deyapa non-interactable; you'll have to wait for their attempts to complete the quest to finish, and for Deyapa and any other spirits present to reset.

In any case, speak to her when you can. With the sap containers destroyed, the Tree-Minder can call upon her fallen kin to help her restore the Hist. This ritual must be done quickly, as their spirits won't remain for long. Tree-Minder Deyapa speculates that the Dominion will be back. When they razed the village and stole the Hist's sap, they came from the direction of their camp to the north. The Tree-Minder suspects that if the Dominion tries to interfere with the ritual, that's where they'll be coming from. She asks that you protect the spirits and hold off the Dominion soldiers if any of them do come by.

When the ritual begins, hostile Dominion forces will enter the hamlet from the north and attempt to attack the tree and spirits. They will attempt to attack the now-passive Histshades. Kill the invaders before they kill all Histshades, or the invaders will depart and you will need to speak to Deyapa and try again. Once the ritual is complete, spirits will begin to approach the tree and fade out of view. Speak to Deyapa to complete the quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Tree-Minder's Fate
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The tree-minder's missing items may be my first clue to solving the mystery. I need to find the broken staff, pages from her book, and the lost key.
I'll head through the tunnel to search for the items in what lies beyond it.
Objective: Recover Broken Haft
Objective: Recover Ancient Book
Objective: Recover Lost Key
The tree-minder's ghost appeared, hovering over the last object I recovered. I need to talk to this spirit.
Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Deyapa
I survived the dangers presented by the Argonian spirits trapped in torment, and I reached Tree-Minder Deyapa's hut. I need to speak to the spirit that inhabits it now.
Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Deyapa in Her Hut
Tree-Minder Deyapa believes we can use the spirits of the Argonians to revive the Hist tree. I need to use her staff's headpiece to capture some. I'll subdue some spirits and meet her at the tree.
Objective: Subdue Spirits: 0 / 6
Now that I've subdued some of the hamlet's tormented spirits, I need to take the headpiece to Tree-Minder Deyapa at the Hist tree. I'll talk to her once I get there. Perhaps I may come closer to solving this mystery and ending the spirits' torment.
Objective: Go to the Hist Tree
Tree-Minder Deyapa believes we can use the spirits of the Argonians to revive the Hist tree. I need to use her staff's headpiece to capture them. The headpiece came from the tree.
Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Deyapa at the Hist Tree
Having returned the broken headpiece to the tree-minder, I need to wait and see if she is able to restore the Hist tree ... or at least put her fellow spirits to rest. I'll talk to her when she's finished.
Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Deyapa
The Dominion is boiling the stolen Hist sap, tormenting the spirits. I need to burn the Dominion's containers of Hist sap to ruin the contents.
Objective: Burn Hist Sap Containers
The Hist sap is free of the Dominion's refinement containers, so the Argonian spirits should be calm again, but the Dominion's soldiers know where I came from. I must return to the Hist tree and confer with Tree-Minder Deyapa.
Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Deyapa
I need to protect the hamlet's spirits from Dominion forces. If they destroy the spirits, Tree-Minder Deyapa's ritual will lose its power, and the Hist tree won't be restored. If I fail, the hamlet will remain haunted forever.
Objective: Defend the Spirits
☑Finishes quest The Dominion's forces have been routed. Tree-Minder Deyapa's ritual was a success. The Argonian spirits of the forsaken hamlet can now return to the restored Hist tree. They can be at peace.
Objective: Talk to Tree-Minder Deyapa