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Thieves Guild
Show the Wake Walkers who is really in control of Shark's Teeth Grotto.
Zone: Hew's Bane
Quest Giver: Rohefa in Abah's Landing;
Shalug the Shark in the Grotto
Location(s): Shark's Teeth Grotto
Reward: 302 Gold
XP Gain: Standard
A sigil of the Shark's Teeth placed in the Silent Room

Shark's Teeth Grotto has been overrun by pirates and Shalug needs some help dealing with them.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. (Optional) Take the quest from Rohefa in Abah's Landing.
  2. Talk to Shalug the Shark in Shark's Teeth Grotto.
  3. Place the Shark's Teeth sigil around the grotto.
  4. Return to Shalug.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


  • Although Shalug implies that she wants you to help her again tomorrow, this quest is not repeatable.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Shark's Teeth
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Rohefa suggested I could make some easy gold if I talk to her boss, Shalug, at Shark's Teeth Grotto.
Objective: Talk to Shalug the Shark
Shalug wants me to enter the grotto and place her sigil where the pirates will see it. She figures that that will show them that the Shark's Teeth still control the grotto—regardless of the presence of so many pirates.
Objective: Place Sigil on the Bloody Docks
Objective: Place Sigil on Suicide Cliff
Objective: Place Sigil on Plank Hill
Objective: Place Sigil in the Silent Room
☑Finishes quest I placed the sigil of the Shark's Teeth throughout the grotto, just as Shalug asked. I should return to her and claim my reward for services rendered.
Objective: Talk to Shalug
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