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Escort the scholar Andewen as she investigates an ancient temple.
Zone: Summerset
Objective: Ebon Stadmont — Help Andewen discover the secrets of Ebon Stadmont.
Quest Giver: Andewen, Telarniel
Location(s): Ebon Sanctum, Ebon Stadmont
Reward: Reverie's Trick Bow
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 6119
Andewen needs an escort through Ebon Stadmont
I agreed to escort the scholar Andewen as she investigates an ancient temple, hidden within the mysterious forest of Ebon Stadmont.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Andewen.
  2. Enter Ebon Stadmont and look for an inscribed stonework.
  3. Defend Andewen while she translates the stonework.
  4. Look for the path to the ruin.
  5. Find the second inscribed stonework.
  6. Defend Andewen from Daedra.
  7. Enter Ebon Sanctum.
  8. Read the note and activate the stone.
  9. Enter the doorway.
  10. Kill the Daedra and help Andewen heal Fletch.
  11. Warn Maestro Forte about the Daedra threat.
  12. Activate the Northern stone and enter the doorway.
  13. Talk to Andewen and follow Fletch.
  14. Defeat Fletch.
  15. Activate the Southern stone and enter the portal.
  16. Talk to Fletch.
  17. Talk to Andewen.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

"Well, I suppose it's curtain call."


  • The Daedra you defend Andewen from in the temple is a Nocturnal Shrike, possibly hinting at the identity of the mistress responsible for the time loop.
    • The inclusion of crows in the design of the archways in the woods adds further evidence to this theory.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Ebon Sanctum
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should speak to Andewen, the academic leading this expedition. I can find her on the other side of the forest.
Objective: Talk to Andewen
Latest start I've been hired as Andewen's escort through Ebon Stadmont. I should be on a lookout for anything that can lead us to the temple, as well as protect her from any danger we come across.
Objective: Assist Andewen
Andewen's translation indicates a ruin farther along the path. I should follow her to this ruin.
Objective: Find the Path to the Ruin
Despite being mysteriously separated, Andewen and I found each other. I should help her look for another inscription.
Objective: Assist Andewen
The second inscription has revealed the ruin's location. I should see if I can find anything in the ruin that can help Andewen.
Objective: Search the Ruin
Andewen and I were separated again. I headed inside the ruin to look for her, and found a note next to a strange, glowing stone. I should read the note.
Objective: Examine the Note
Andewen's note told me to follow her. I should activate the stone in order to do so.
Objective: Examine the Stone
I've activated the stone in order to open the doorway. A mysterious voice spoke to me about the past. I should enter the doorway to seek out Andewen.
Objective: Find Andewen
I've found Andewen being attacked by a Daedra. I should protect her by defeating the Daedra.
Objective: Kill the Daedra
Andewen found a High Elf severely wounded. I should help her bandage his wounds while Andewen heals him.
Objective: Help Andewen Heal Fletch
The dying mer that Andewen healed has regained consciousness. We should talk with him and find out what happened.
Objective: Talk to Fletch
Fletch doesn't remember what attacked him, but believes his troupe may be in danger. We should speak to his troupe leader Maestro Forte about these concerns.
Objective: Talk to Maestro Forte
We warned Maestro Forte about the Daedra threat. Suspecting the stones like the one we found next to Fletch, he asked Andewen and I to inspect one nearby. I should go find the northern stone.
Objective: Investigate the Northern Stone
I activated the northern stone, and once again heard a woman's voice, which spoke of the future. I should speak to Andewen about these strange events.
Objective: Talk to Andewen
Andewen and I have discovered that we're actually in the past. I should use the northern stone to return to my own time.
Objective: Travel Back to the Present
I took the door to the future, and arrived in a clearing during a massive storm. An older Andewen is standing next to one of the stones. I should talk with her and find out what happened.
Objective: Talk to Andewen
Fletch has arrived in the clearing, and has struck Andewen with an arrow. I should listen to what he has to say.
Objective: Listen to Fletch
Andewen has been gravely wounded by Fletch. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Andewen
I've activated the stone, which opened the door to the temple. I must travel within the temple to stop Andewen from ever going back in time.
Objective: Follow Fletch
I've entered the temple, only to be ambushed by Fletch. I should defeat him.
Objective: Defeat Fletch
I need to return to my own time to stop Andewen from ever traveling back to the past. I should activate the Southern stone in order to travel back to the present.
Objective: Activate the Southern Stone
A portal has opened before me, with a voice beckoning me to enter. I should go through it.
Objective: Enter Portal
I've arrived back in my time, with Fletch standing before me. I should speak to him and discovery how this is possible.
Objective: Talk to Fletch
Fletch has explained that Andewen was trapped by the Spirit of the Sanctum, but that I can stop it from ever happening. I should convince Andewen to leave Ebon Stadmont, before she is trapped.
Objective: Talk to Andewen
☑Finishes quest I convinced Andewen to leave, thus saving her from becoming trapped. I should talk to her and collect my reward.
Objective: Talk to Andewen
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