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Achievement Furnisher
Home City Alinor
Location Riverside Market
Store Isle's Pride Furnishings
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Achievement Furnisher

Tarmimn is an Altmer Achievement Furnisher who can be found working at Isle's Pride Furnishings in the Riverside Market in Alinor.


If you don't own a house:

"Have you ever thought of owning a home? Well, until that time comes, feel free to gaze upon my wares."
"One day, fortune will favor you with a home of your own. But until that day comes, feel free to take a look."
"Browsing? Well, I suppose it never hurts to look. Though most of my customers actually own a home."

If you haven't completed many Summerset achievements:

"Would you like to show off your blossoming reputation with some of my wares?"
"I only deal with clients possessing either fame or notoriety. Luckily, you do qualify. Though only just."
"My furnishings are an excellent way to show off how your reputation has grown."

If you've completed many Summerset achievements:

"I've been saving a few items for a renowned individual, and you certainly qualify. Let me show you what I have today for your household."
"I have many exquisite furnishings for a customer of your reputation."
"It would be an honor to have some of my furnishings displayed in your home."
"Great deeds surround your name. Allow me to provide you with something to commemorate your accomplishments."
"Your great deeds are spoken throughout all of Summerset. But does your home say as much? My wares can help with that."

Furnishings for Sale[edit]

Furnishing Type Price Achievement/Quest Description
ON-item-furnishing-Abyssal Pearl, Sealed.jpg Abyssal Pearl, Sealed Gallery
0007500075,000 Gold Achievement: Back to the Abyss
With its negative properties suppressed, it's nearly indistinguishable from any other massive floating pearl that happens to glimmer with dark energies beyond mortal comprehension.
ON-item-furnishing-Alinor Statue, Kinlady.jpg Alinor Statue, Kinlady Courtyard
0005000050,000 Gold Achievement: Resolute Guardian
An elegant Elven noble poses prettily in stone.
ON-item-furnishing-Alinor Wine Press, Display.jpg Alinor Wine Press, Display Hearth
0002000020,000 Gold Achievement: Summerset Cave Delver
A clever mechanism allows the winemaker to precisely regulate each pressing, customizing the pressure and timing for that particular batch of grapes.
ON-item-furnishing-Banner of the House of Reveries, Hanging.jpg Banner of the House of Reveries, Hanging Parlor
0001000010,000 Gold Quest: Manor of Masques
Come one, come all to the House of Reveries: be cheered, be moved, be changed forever!
ON-item-furnishing-Banner of the Sapiarchs, Hanging.jpg Banner of the Sapiarchs, Hanging Parlor
0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: Resolute Guardian
The symbol of the Sapiarchs, ancient order of the Wise who help guide the realm of Summerset.
ON-item-furnishing-Cloudrest Banner, Hanging.jpg Cloudrest Banner, Hanging Parlor
0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: Cloudrest Completed
Municipal symbol of Cloudrest, the High Elves' city atop the towering peak of Eton Nir.
ON-item-furnishing-Coral Formation, Luminescent.jpg Coral Formation, Luminescent Conservatory
0001500015,000 Gold Achievement: Precious Pearl
An eerie glowing congeries of coral encrustations.
ON-item-furnishing-Crystal Tower Key, Replica.jpg Crystal Tower Key, Replica Lighting
(Enchanted Lights)
00150000150,000 Gold Achievement: What Must Be Done
Uncannily realistic replica of one of the diamond keys to the Crystal Tower.
ON-item-furnishing-Crystal Tower Stand.jpg Crystal Tower Stand Gallery
0005000050,000 Gold Achievement: Savior of Summerset
"As an eagle guards its nest, so too do we defend our future. Under our vigil, Summerset will never fall."
ON-item-furnishing-Direnni Banner, Hanging.jpg Direnni Banner, Hanging Parlor
0001000010,000 Gold Quest: Lauriel's Lament
The symbol of Clan Direnni, wayward High Elves who long ago left Summerset to establish their own realm on Balfiera Island.
ON-item-furnishing-Display Case, Exhibit.jpg Display Case, Exhibit Gallery
0002500025,000 Gold Achievement: Mind Games
Show off precious wares in this grand display case.
ON-item-furnishing-Enchanted Text, Illusory Forest.jpg Enchanted Text, Illusory Forest Lighting
(Enchanted Lights)
00100000100,000 Gold Achievement: Summerset Grand Adventurer
This illustrated manuscript from the Illumination Academy is enhanced with minor persistent enchantments.
ON-item-furnishing-Evergloam Wispstone.jpg Evergloam Wispstone Lighting
(Enchanted Lights)
0002000020,000 Gold Achievement: Enemy of My Enemy
Not every light will guide you true; not every path should be followed.
ON-item-furnishing-Lillandril Banner, Hanging.jpg Lillandril Banner, Hanging Parlor
0001000010,000 Gold Quest: Murder In Lillandril
A banner displaying the Flask of Lillandril, that Summerset city's famous symbol.
ON-item-furnishing-Mind Trap Kelp, Full-Sized.jpg Mind Trap Kelp, Full-Sized Conservatory
0002000020,000 Gold Achievement: Mind Games
An import from the oceanic abysses near the Thrassian Archipelago, perhaps? Or from someplace altogether stranger ….
ON-item-furnishing-Psijic Control Globe, Inactive.jpg Psijic Control Globe, Inactive Lighting
(Enchanted Lights)
0005000050,000 Gold Achievement: Unreliable Narrator
Many persistent enchantments in Ceporah Tower can be modulated by Control Globes if one has the years of experience and delicate touch required.
ON-item-furnishing-Replica of The Heart of Transparent Law.jpg Replica of The Heart of Transparent Law Gallery
00100000100,000 Gold Achievement: Savior of Summerset
For some, gazing upon the heart of the Crystal Tower awakens a dark urge to seize it for themselves. There's no cure for one obsessed, but possessing a replica such as this may help quell the desire for the real thing.
ON-item-furnishing-Shimmerene Banner, Hanging.jpg Shimmerene Banner, Hanging Parlor
0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: The Good of the Many
Municipal symbol of the celebrated City of Lights.
ON-item-furnishing-Spiral Skein Coral, Brittle-Vein.jpg Spiral Skein Coral, Brittle-Vein Conservatory
0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: Summerset Pathfinder
Native to Mephala's realm, this gruesome delicate coral thrives wherever the slurried remains of ensnared victims drip down from the webs above.
ON-item-furnishing-Spiral Skein Coral, Elkhorn.jpg Spiral Skein Coral, Elkhorn Conservatory
000010001,000 Gold Achievement: Sweet Dreams
The spiders of Mephala's realm long ago learned to use the bright and welcoming colors of elkhorn coral to lure victims to their webs.
ON-item-furnishing-Sunhold Banner, Hanging.jpg Sunhold Banner, Hanging Parlor
0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: Sunhold Group Event
The solar-symbol banner of the southern Summerset port city of Sunhold.
ON-item-furnishing-The Keeper's Oath.jpg The Keeper's Oath Undercroft
(Sacred Pieces)
0007500075,000 Gold Achievement: Relics of Summerset
"Oh, blessed be the Keepers' eyes …."
ON-item-furnishing-Waterfall, Small Everlasting.jpg Waterfall, Small Everlasting Courtyard
0007500075,000 Gold Achievement: Divine Magistrate
Crystal clear, never-ending endless, and dry to the touch, these illusory waterfalls have long been popular among the nobility of the Summerset Archipelago.
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